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The City of Dunedin Human Resources & Risk Management Department is comprised of two divisions: Human Resources (HR) and Risk Management.  HR provides administrative support to all City departments working closely with department directors, managers, and supervisors in addition to assisting all employees as needed. Activities include: recruitment and selection, performance management, retirement plan administration, employee and labor relations, annual pay plan maintenance, payroll processing, City-wide employee training, organizational development, policies and procedures development/revisions, employee benefits and compensation, as well as a variety of special projects related to the HR function. HR also facilitates employee professional development and training, and ensures the City's compliance with all legal requirements of personnel-related rules and regulations.



The Human Resources & Risk Management Team works to facilitate the recruitment and selection of employees who are highly motivated and interested in a career of public service, not in just having a job. We take the necessary steps to cultivate a culture of diversity, equity, inclusivity, and safety, as well as ensuring competitive benefits, compensation, and an engaged and productive workforce.

Managing Risk


The Risk Management Division is responsible for the administration of the City’s safety, property and liability insurance, and workers’ compensation programs to include employee safety training, claims processing and record keeping, while ensuring compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.  Other functions include monitoring and authorization of claims-related expenditures by the City's Third Party Administrator, insurance renewals and adjustments to risk management services to stay abreast of the City's changing exposures.  This function also encompasses City-wide inspections and risk mitigation analyses, and coordinates the activities of the City’s employee Safety Action Committee.

Employee Benefits

The City of Dunedin offers a comprehensive benefit package for all eligible employees. A variety of employee benefit programs are highlighted in the Benefits Booklet(PDF, 3MB) as a general reference.

The Transparency in Coverage Rule by the Internal Revenue Service, the Employee Benefits Security Administration, and the Health and Human Services Department requires medical plans and issuers to disclose detailed cost-sharing information upon request to a participant, beneficiary, or enrollee (or his or her authorized representative), including an estimate of the individual's cost-sharing liability for covered items or services furnished by a particular provider. Under the final rule, this information must be available on a public internet website and, if requested, in paper form, thereby allowing a participant, beneficiary, or enrollee (or his or her authorized representative) to obtain an estimate and understanding of the individual's out-of-pocket expenses and effectively shop for items and services. View more information on the Transparency in Coverage Rule.

Cigna, Inc. is the City’s Medical Plans Administrator, and has made the required information available.

Defined Contribution - Summary Plan Description(PDF, 204KB)
Questions and further clarifications regarding this booklet's contents may be directed to Human Resources. Please call (727) 298-3040

Job Descriptions
City Commission

Commissioners(PDF, 4KB)

City Manager's Office

City Manager(PDF, 28KB)
Deputy City Manager(PDF, 24KB)
Strategy & Sustainability Manager(PDF, 405KB)
Sustainability Program Manager(PDF, 350KB)
Executive Office Coordinator(PDF, 208KB)
Sr. Administrative Assistant to the City Commission(PDF, 157KB)

City Clerk

City Clerk(PDF, 124KB)
Deputy City Clerk(PDF, 1MB)
Records Management Specialist(PDF, 199KB)
Sr. Administrative Assistant(PDF, 157KB)


Director of Communications(PDF, 10MB)
Senior Communications Specialist(PDF, 236KB)
Website/Digital Coordinator(PDF, 273KB)
Multimedia Public Information Coordinator(PDF, 1MB)

Community Development

Director of Community Development(PDF, 10MB)
Assistant Director of Community Development(PDF, 43KB)
Chief Building Inspector/Plans Examiner(PDF, 134KB)
Community Development Project Manager(PDF, 133KB)
Planner II(PDF, 62KB)
Planner I(PDF, 60KB)
Senior Building Inspector(PDF, 177KB)
Building Inspector(PDF, 177KB)
Business Manager(PDF, 60KB)
Senior Planning and Zoning Technician(PDF, 34KB)
Code Compliance Supervisor(PDF, 257KB)
Code Compliance Inspector(PDF, 161KB)
Community Development Technician(PDF, 36KB)
Administrative Assistant(PDF, 97KB)  

Economic Development

Director of Economic & Housing Development(PDF, 74KB)
Economic Development Project Manager(PDF, 276KB)
Special Projects Coordinator(PDF, 138KB)
Economic Development Specialist(PDF, 15MB)


Director of Finance(PDF, 107KB)
Accounting Manager(PDF, 262KB)
Budget Manager(PDF, 141KB)
Senior Accountant(PDF, 257KB)
Purchasing Agent(PDF, 194KB)
Buyer(PDF, 197KB)
Budget Analyst(PDF, 232KB)
Accountant/Financial Analyst(PDF, 241KB)
Accounting Specialist(PDF, 130KB)
Accounts Technician(PDF, 199KB)
Administrative Coordinator(PDF, 102KB)

Fire Rescue

Fire Chief/Emergency Management Director(PDF, 109KB)
Deputy Fire Chief/Fire Marshal(PDF, 100KB)
Deputy Fire Marshal(PDF, 291KB)
Division Chief of Training & Safety(PDF, 101KB)  
Division Chief of Logistics(PDF, 161KB)
Division Chief of EMS(PDF, 107KB)
District Chief(PDF, 90KB)
Fire Inspector(PDF, 250KB)
Fire Lieutenant(PDF, 91KB)
Firefighter/Paramedic(PDF, 85KB)
Firefighter/EMT(PDF, 258KB)
Administrative Coordinator(PDF, 928KB)

Human Resources

Director of Human Resources & Risk Management(PDF, 118KB)
Human Resources Manager(PDF, 425KB)
Payroll & Benefits Coordinator(PDF, 84KB)
HR/Risk Management Coordinator(PDF, 344KB)
HR/Risk Management Assistant(PDF, 425KB)
Administrative Assistant(PDF, 1MB)

Information Technology

Director of Information Technology Services(PDF, 373KB)
Senior System Engineer(PDF, 65KB)
Network Administrator II(PDF, 40KB)
Network Administrator I(PDF, 82KB)
IT Services Technician II(PDF, 171KB)
IT Services Technician I(PDF, 81KB)


Library Director(PDF, 100KB)
Assistant Library Director(PDF, 268KB)
Library Manager(PDF, 297KB)
Librarian(PDF, 96KB)
Administrative Coordinator(PDF, 224KB)
Senior Administrative Assistant(PDF, 201KB)
Senior Library Assistant(PDF, 145KB)
Library Assistant(PDF, 198KB)
Library Aide(PDF, 95KB)

Parks & Recreation

Director of Parks & Recreation(PDF, 97KB)
Parks & Recreation Superintendent
Parks & Recreation Administration Superintendent(PDF, 5MB)
Administrative Coordinator(PDF, 376KB)
Senior Administrative Assistant(PDF, 249KB)

Parks Maintenance Supervisor(PDF, 511KB)
Parks Maintenance Foreman(PDF, 312KB)
City Arborist(PDF, 260KB)
Horticultural Technician(PDF, 242KB)
Administrative Assistant(PDF, 50KB)
Irrigation Technician(PDF, 258KB)
Spray Technician(PDF, 93KB)
Parks Maintenance Worker III(PDF, 264KB)
Parks Maintenance Worker II(PDF, 210KB)
Parks Maintenance Worker I(PDF, 246KB)
Park Attendant III(PDF, 171KB)
Senior Administrative Assistant(PDF, 254KB)

Recreation Program Coordinator(PDF, 163KB)
Youth Services Recreation Program Coordinator(PDF, 674KB)  
Special Events Coordinator(PDF, 536KB)
Recreation Marketing Coordinator(PDF, 276KB)
Fitness Program Coordinator(PDF, 400KB)
Special Events Programmer(PDF, 429KB)
Recreation Technician(PDF, 185KB)
Recreation Leader III Supervisor(PDF, 447KB)
Recreation Leader III(PDF, 180KB)
Recreation Leader III - Hale Center(PDF, 2MB)
Recreation Leader II(PDF, 253KB)
Recreation Leader(PDF, 189KB)
Head Lifeguard(PDF, 37KB)
Park Attendant(PDF, 140KB)

Harbormaster(PDF, 554KB)
Marine Maintenance Technician(PDF, 205KB)
Marina Attendant(PDF, 259KB)

Golf Operations
General Manager of Golf Operations(PDF, 629KB)
Head Golf Professional(PDF, 369KB)
Assistant Golf Professional(PDF, 332KB)
Administrative Coordinator(PDF, 328KB)
Golf Shop Attendant(PDF, 255KB)
Outside Services Attendant(PDF, 201KB)

Public Works

Director of Public Works(PDF, 96KB)
Assistant Director of Public Works(PDF, 2MB)  

Solid Waste & Recycling
Division Director of Solid Waste(PDF, 44KB)
Solid Waste Supervisor(PDF, 112KB)
Sanitation Foreman(PDF, 176KB)
Senior Administrative Assistant(PDF, 78KB)
Environmental Specialist I Sanitation & Recycling(PDF, 2MB)  
Lead Solid WasteDriver/Loader(PDF, 453KB)
Solid Waste Driver/Loader(PDF, 189KB)

Fleet Services
Fleet Services Superintendent(PDF, 506KB)
Lead Mechanic(PDF, 214KB)
Mechanic(PDF, 245KB)
Fleet Administrative Technician(PDF, 250KB)

Public Services - Facility Services

Facility Services Manager(PDF, 2MB)
Public Services Senior Foreman(PDF, 503KB)
Lead Craftsworker - Electrical(PDF, 114KB)
Lead Craftsworker - Plumbing(PDF, 175KB)
Craftsworker III(PDF, 118KB)
Craftsworker II(PDF, 440KB)
Craftsworker I(PDF, 120KB)
Custodial Services Coordinator(PDF, 406KB)
Administrative Coordinator(PDF, 1MB)

Public Services - Streets & Stormwater
Public Services Superintendent(PDF, 601KB)
Stormwater Program Coordinator(PDF, 599KB)
Environmental Specialist I Stormwater(PDF, 2MB)
Public Services Foreman
Public Services Maintenance Technician(PDF, 98KB)
Public Services Maintenance Worker III(PDF, 115KB)
Public Services Maintenance Worker II(PDF, 657KB)
Public Services Maintenance Worker I(PDF, 163KB)
Administrative Coordinator(PDF, 1MB)

Utilities & Engineering

Director of Utilities & Engineering(PDF, 300KB)
Assistant Director of Utilities/City Engineer(PDF, 1MB)

Engineer I, II, III(PDF, 177KB)
Plans Review Engineer(PDF, 432KB)
Engineering Inspector(PDF, 131KB)
Senior Engineering Designer(PDF, 154KB)
Engineering Designer(PDF, 120KB)  
CAD/GIS Administrator(PDF, 128KB)
Engineering Project Manager(PDF, 186KB)  
Engineering Contracts Manager(PDF, 1MB)
Administrative Assistant(PDF, 1MB)

Water Plant Superintendent(PDF, 803KB)
Water Distribution Manager(PDF, 145KB)  (PDF, 98KB)
Hydrologist(PDF, 170KB)
Lead Water Plant Operator(PDF, 100KB)
Water Plant Operator(PDF, 91KB)
Water Plant Operator Trainee(PDF, 129KB)
Water Maintenance Mechanic(PDF, 119KB)
Water Distribution Foreman(PDF, 65KB)
Senior Water Service Worker(PDF, 111KB)
Utility Data Control Coordinator(PDF, 128KB)
Senior Administrative Assistant(PDF, 116KB)
Field Service Representative(PDF, 53KB)
Water Service Worker(PDF, 101KB)

Utility Billing
Utility Billing Supervisor(PDF, 61KB)
Utility Billing Technician(PDF, 240KB)

Wastewater Plant Superintendent(PDF, 69KB)
Wastewater Collection Manager(PDF, 213KB)
Wastewater Collection Foreman(PDF, 272KB)
Wastewater Maintenance Mechanic(PDF, 73KB)
TV & Seal Truck Operator(PDF, 96KB)
Senior Wastewater Service Worker(PDF, 108KB)
Senior Wastewater Collection Technician(PDF, 72KB)
Wastewater Collection Technician(PDF, 71KB)
Wastewater Service Worker(PDF, 72KB)
Lead Wastewater Plant Operator(PDF, 79KB)
Wastewater Plant Operator(PDF, 64KB)
Wastewater Plant Operator - Trainee(PDF, 129KB)
Administrative Coordinator(PDF, 144KB)
Technical Support Coordinator(PDF, 358KB)

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

City of Dunedin Diversity Mission Statement

The City of Dunedin is committed to cultivating and sustaining an inclusive and diverse community that values social justice, unity, shared responsibility, mutual respect and environmental justice. The City has put into action positive changes in its workforce and communities to achieve equality of outcomes in collaboration between employees and residents to accept and create a harmonious environment.