Abandoned Boat or Vessel

Abandoned Boat

Abandoned, At Risk, or Derelict Vessels

Abandoned, At Risk or Derelict Vessels are a concern for the boating public in the State of Florida. Pinellas County has a program to remove these vessels, but there is a specific process that must be followed prior to removal. 


Step 1.Call

If you suspect a vessel is abandoned, at risk or derelict, please report the situation to:

  • Pinellas County Sheriff's Office Marine Unit at 727-582-6200  OR
  • Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission at 850-488-4676

Step 2.Notice Is Provided To the Owner

A notice is then provided to the owner (via mail or notice on the vessel) to remove the vessel or request a hearing within 21 days. 

Step 3.If Not Removed

If the vessel is not removed or a hearing requested within the 21-day period, Pinellas County's Marine Safety Unit receives a Derelict Vessel Removal Authorization.

A contractor will then be dispatched to remove the vessel.