Dunedin Municipal Cemetery



2400 Keene Road, Dunedin FL 34698
City Clerk's Office: (727) 298-3035

2024 Dunedin Cemetery Rules & Regulations(PDF, 179KB)

The Dunedin Municipal Cemetery, nestled between Keene Road and Jerry Lake, is the final resting place of many pioneer family members of Dunedin. The cemetery encompasses approximately 7.75 acres and has been maintained by the City of Dunedin since 1927. In 1996 the Dunedin Historical Society created a Cemetery Preservation Committee to improve, support and augment the work of the city caring for the cemetery.

 The Cemetery is also included in one of the Dunedin Historical Societies Living History Programs called “History Comes Alive”. Reenactors take on the roles of some of Dunedin’s historical figures who are buried at the cemetery. They discuss material related to that period of time, as well as dress in period appropriate clothing.

With over 2,500 interments, there are currently no full burial spaces available. License for use of cemetery property shall be offered exclusively to bona fide residents of the City of Dunedin, persons who have immediate family members interred in the cemetery and persons who are past elected officials or charter officials of the City of Dunedin.  In order to offer more options to Dunedin residents and family members of those interred in the cemetery, the Dunedin City Commission passed a resolution in 2005 that added niches that accommodate cremains only and in 2008 the City Commission agreed to allow cremorial benches at selected locations. Additionally, there are several in ground spaces available for cremains only.


Full Burial Space - $6,018.39
One (1) cremains may be buried in the same space as one (1) regulation casket with vault 

In ground Cremains-Only Spaces - $6,018.39
A maximum of six (6) cremains per space is permitted 

Infant Section - $1,637.13

Cremorial Niches - $3,248.96

Niches provide for the interment of two (2) cremains, one in each section 

Cremorial Bench Space - $3,248.96

Scatter Garden - $482.06

Fees for Burial - $50.00 
This stake out service may be provided on week days, weekends, holidays, etc.

Please Note: Per Resolution 08-27, the above rates shall be increased in the amount of five (5%) each year on January 1.

Niche Cover Inscriptions: Cantrell-Cycadia Monument company (2500 Jennifer Terrace, Palm Harbor, FL 34685 Telephone: (727)-786-1551; Fax: 785-0856) prepare the inscriptions for the niche covers. Call Cantrell-Cycadia Monument company for the current charge for this service. The monument company has a contract with the City; therefore, they may be named as the company to contact.

Roberts Vault Company – Plant City, FL (1-800-428-6203) – Call for fees to open & close.