Boards and Committees

About Boards and Committees

Boards and committees are comprised of citizen volunteers and are advisory bodies that make recommendations to the City Commission on certain City business (e.g. parks and recreation, historic preservation, library, zoning, charter review, etc.). They are a way for citizens to be involved with the City while advising on specific topics.      

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Boards & Committees Minutes - 2024

Architectural Review Committee

ARC Minutes 02-06-24(PDF, 185KB)
ARC Minutes 03-05-24(PDF, 215KB)

Arts & Culture Advisory Committee 

ACAC Minutes 01-26-24(PDF, 124KB)
ACAC Minutes 02-23-24(PDF, 228KB)

Board of Finance

BOF Minutes 01-17-24(PDF, 181KB)

Committee on Aging  

COA Minutes 01-22-24(PDF, 185KB)
COA Minutes 02-26-24(PDF, 179KB)

Committee on Environmental Quality & Sustainability 

CEQS Minutes 01-30-24(PDF, 2MB)

Development Review Committee

DRC Minutes 02-14-24(PDF, 244KB)
DRC Minutes 03-20-24(PDF, 146KB)

Dunedin Causeway & Coastal Waterways Committee 

DCCWC Minutes 01-09-24(PDF, 204KB)
DCCWC Minutes 02-13-24(PDF, 163KB)

Edgewater Drive Advisory Committee 

EDAC Minutes 01-28-24(PDF, 158KB)

Hammock Advisory Committee 

HAC Minutes 01-11-24(PDF, 117KB)

Historian Preservation Advisory Committee 

HPAC Minutes 01-11-24(PDF, 62KB)
HPAC Minutes02-08-24(PDF, 150KB)

Library Advisory Committee

LAC Minutes 01-22-24(PDF, 89KB)

Marina Advisory Committee 

MAC Minutes 01-22-24(PDF, 188KB)
MAC Minutes 02-19-24(PDF, 178KB)

Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee 

Parks & Rec Minutes 02-07-24(PDF, 156KB)
Parks & Rec Minutes 03-06-24(PDF, 161KB)

Public Relations Advisory Action Committee 

PRAAC Minutes 01-11-24(PDF, 106KB)

Public Safety Committee 

PSC Minutes 01-18-24(PDF, 185KB)
PSC Minutes 02-15-24(PDF, 184KB)

Stormwater Advisory Committee 

SAC Minutes 01-17-24 Special Meeting(PDF, 81KB)

US Military Veterans Advisory Committee  

USMV Minutes 01-10-24(PDF, 229KB)
USMV Minutes 02-07-24(PDF, 130KB)
USMV Minutes 03-06-24(PDF, 129KB)

Youth Advisory Committee 

YAC Minutes 01-18-24(PDF, 228KB)