Streets & Sidewalks



Step 1.Asphalt/Concrete

  • Pothole repairs
  • Shoulder repairs
  • Utility cut repairs
  • Road and alley grading
  • Repair and maintenance of existing sidewalks on City right-of-ways
  • Installation of new sidewalks
  • Curb repair
  • Brick street repair

Step 2.Traffic Services 

  • Detours and road closures, including barricade and sign placement 
  • Manufacture, installation, and maintenance of regulatory traffic and street name signs 
  • Operation of school zones and pedestrian flashers within the City are maintained by the Streets Section, including keeping them operational and trimming brush and limbs to maintain visibility 
  • Street striping and markings such as stop bars, yellow curbs, and crosswalks, as well as lane lines on City streets, are maintained (and old ones removed) by the Streets Section 

Step 3.Trees

  • Trimming all trees in the right-of-way as needed to provide for the safety of all pedestrians and motorists 
  • Trim around street lights, stop signs, traffic signs, and traffic lights, and trim for line-of-sight issues and low-hanging branches in the street 
  • Trim low overhanging branches near or around all City sidewalks 
  • Remove all dead trees in City rights-of-way