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About Art & Culture

In defining our city, Public Art assists by honoring the history of our city and celebrating its culture, diversity, and character to create a stimulating, rich, and welcoming community for our residents and visitors to experience. Art enlivens spaces and invigorates commerce, inspiring people of all ages, every day, through public artworks integrated into the architecture, infrastructure, and landscape.

Dunedin is supportive of its artists and arts organizations. With artist studios and galleries, the Dunedin Fine Arts Center, the Dunedin History Museum, the Dunedin Scottish Arts Foundation, among others, the First Friday Artwalk, and several arts and crafts shows each year, residents and visitors can discover and explore the arts all year round. The Artistic Bike Rack and the Little Free Library programs also make every day in Dunedin a fascinating delight. Walk around and be surprised!

An Arts & Culture Community

Dunedin Fine Art Center

Opened in 1975, the Dunedin Fine Art Center is a space for the community where the arts can be perpetuated and celebrated. They are committed to creating and inspiring art throughout the Community with their fine arts and cultural center, public arts school, and library open to the general public. They offer classes, exhibits, events, a kids corner, café, and gallery shop. 

Visit the Dunedin Fine Art Center

Dunedin History Museum

The Dunedin History Museum enriches the community by sharing Dunedin's legacy and heritage, collecting and preserving historical artifacts and documents, and fostering quality intergenerational learning and historical exhibits. They maintain thousands of artifacts, photographs, and a collection of The Dunedin Times Newspaper, all serving to tell the story of Dunedin. The public are welcome and encouraged to do research with the assistance of the curator.

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Public Art Master Plan


Adopted on December 6, 2018, the Dunedin Public Art Master Plan(PDF, 10MB) is a comprehensive vision for public art that reflects the community and defines guidelines for City investment. This Plan provides the goals and guidelines for the City of Dunedin to encourage the arts and cultural life of Dunedin to thrive and to further position the regional importance of Dunedin. Dunedin is the first city in Pinellas County to have adopted both a municipal and private development public art ordinance under its Plan joining other such innovative communities in the State of Florida and around the country.

Through the Public Art Program, the City of Dunedin's Arts and Culture Committee promotes artistic development and education, elevates the city through the inclusion of public art in its built environment, and provides open access to quality art and cultural experiences. The Arts & Culture Committee develops and administers the Public Art Collection, infusing art into both municipal and private development projects and public places, and ensures the inclusion of the city's residents and visitors in each endeavor.

Public Art Map

The City of Dunedin is filled with fun and fine public and private artworks. From sculptures to bus shelters, murals to mosaics, and artistic benches to bike racks, your favorite artworks are now easier to find with this easy to use Interactive Dunedin Public Art Map.

If you find an artwork missing from the map, please email with the location, a brief description, and a clear photo of the artwork. We will be happy to add it!

Many thanks to the original artmap creator Ashley Price plus Robin Hedman, Brady Price, Jeff Depew, Heather Riggal Duque, Bryan Voliton*, Cindy Gorshe Collman*, Karen Rader* and Elizabeth Brincklow for their additional design and photography work to bring the map to life.

Thanks also to the Dunedin Arts & Culture Advisory Committee (ACAC) for championing this project.

*Members of the ACAC

Call to Artists

Call To Artist Projects: 

Leland-Chase-Outdoor-Gallery-Project-RFP.pdf(PDF, 535KB)


  • The City of Dunedin does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, religion, color, national origin, age, ancestry, disability, economic status, or gender identity.
  • Dunedin City Commission, staff and their relatives and members of the Arts & Culture Advisory Committee are ineligible for City of St. Pete public art competitions.