Development & Design Review


The Development Review Committee (DRC) typically meets monthly and provides an opportunity for developers and citizens to get development questions answered. The DRC is made up of internal staff from community development, engineering, economic development, fire, parks and recreation, and solid waste. By attending the DRC, the applicant can get all of their questions answered at the same time, and any conflicts that may arise can be handled at once. 

Design Review Process

Step 1.Development Review Committee

  • The Development Review Committee is the first step in the development process.
  • The committee is made up of various City Departments including Community Development, Engineering, Economic Development, Fire, Parks and Recreation, and Solid Waste.
  • Allows the applicant and their design team to become familiar with the requirements of the City of Dunedin
  • Allows the applicant to ask questions of the City and for the City to review the site plans and advise the developer or designated agent of the extent to which the development proposal conforms to appropriate regulations, requirements, and policies.
  • This committee will establish:
    • the compatibility of the proposed development to the surrounding area;
    • general conformity to the development regulations, comprehensive plan, zoning ordinance, and other applicable requirements and regulations;
    • adequacy of existing facilities to serve the development; and
    • identification of procedural guidelines.
  • To schedule a DRC meeting, or for questions, please contact Joan McHale at or (727) 298-3198.
  • In order to attend a DRC meeting, each group fills out a DRC Project Information Sheet(PDF, 140KB)

Step 2.Design Review Application

Design Review is required for any of the project types listed below:

  1. Any commercial or institutional project greater than or equal to six thousand (6,000) square feet located in the following zoning districts:
    • Tourist Facility “TF”
    • Downtown Core “DC”
    • Form-Based Medium “FX-M”
    • Form-Based High “FX-H”
  2. Any residential construction project consisting of five (5) or more units.
  3. Buildings or structures located within and subject to the South Dunedin Character Overlay, erected or altered to a width greater than sixty (60) feet at the front setback line per Section 103-32.4(B)(iv).

An applicant may submit their Application for Design Review Approval any time after their DRC meeting.

To apply, please submit an Application for Design Review Approval(PDF, 177KB).

Step 3.Application Requirements

  1. Application Form
  2. Title Certification Letter
  3. Property Survey
  4. Letter of Justification
  5. $2,000 Fee
  6. Site Plans
  7. Architectural Renderings
  8. Greenspace Plan
  9. Report on Implementation of Citizen Participation Plan
  10. Traffic Impact Analysis
  11. Sustainability Matrix
  12. Parkland Impact Fee Application
  13. Public Art Application

The detailed list of application requirements, rules, and descriptions is available on the application form above.

Step 4.Meetings & Requirements

Architectural Review Committee

Will meet, review, comment and make recommendations regarding the style and compatibility of the project with the surrounding built environment

Staff will then:

  • Prepare a detailed staff report
  • Schedule dates of public hearings
  • Prepare a letter of notice for mailing to surrounding properties
  • Prepare a notice for posting of property
Local Planning Agency Public Hearing

The LPA shall review the project and recommend approval, approval with conditions, or denial to the City Commission.

First City Commission Public Hearing

The City Commission will approve, approve with conditions, or deny the application. If the application is approved with or without conditions and no changes are required, the City Commission may waive the second City Commission Public Hearing.

Second and Final City Commission Public Hearing

If the third public hearing is required, it will be at a scheduled meeting of the City Commission. The City Commission will decide on the approval, approval with conditions, or denial of the design review application.

Important Notice

Design Review approval is required prior to submitting for infrastructure review, building permits and subdivision platting.