Permits & Inspections


Step 2.Apply in Person

Visit the One Stop Shop located in City Hall at 737 Louden Avenue.

Permit applications are accepted Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Step 3.Questions about a Permit?

Call us and leave a message at (727) 298-3210 or email us at and staff will get back with you to assist.

Please include the permit number and job address.

Step 4.Permitting Team

You can also call and leave a message or email one of our Community Development Technicians directly for assistance.

Alycia LePage
(727) 298-3188

Jennifer Jewel
(727) 298-3202

Shannon Lovewell
(727) 298-3203

Plan Review

Step 1.Review Process

Once your application is submitted several departments and divisions may be involved in the permit review process, including:

  • City Arborist 
  • Engineering
  • Fire
  • Solid Waste
  • Zoning

Step 2.Contact

Chuck Pitt

Step 3.Applications in Review Report

10/04/2022 to 11/20/2023(PDF, 39KB)


Step 1.Inspection Requests

Step 2.Questions

For questions about inspections, please contact us at

Step 3.Notices

  • Building inspectors are normally in the field from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
  • When scheduling an inspection online, please provide a contact name and phone number and any additional information such as if you prefer a morning inspection (9:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m.) or an afternoon inspection (12:00 p.m.-3:30 p.m.).
  • Please be advised that inspections are routed by address to follow the most efficient mapped route in order to complete the day's inspections. Inspectors will try to accommodate all requests. However, on days when there is a high volume of inspections, inspectors may not be able to fulfill all requests for specific time frames or return calls with an estimated time of arrival.
  • If you received a Red Tag with a re-inspection fee, the fee must be paid and the work corrected before the re-inspection will be performed.

Step 4.Required Inspections

Required inspections are found in Section 110 of the Florida Building Code. Please be aware that it is the responsibility of the permit holder to ensure that all required inspections are performed and approved. All permits require final inspection approval to complete.

Step 5.Inspectors

Chuck Pitt
Chief Building Inspector/Plans Examiner
(727) 298-3504

Jay Hamrick
Senior Building Inspector
(727) 298-3191

Jerry Jackson
Senior Building Inspector
(727) 298-3268

Vern Packer
Building Inspector
(727) 298-3189

Senior Building Inspector

Applications and Forms

The following applications and forms can be downloaded to your computer where they can be completed and brought into our Permitting Office. If you want to avoid having to visit our office and the waiting room altogether then apply for your permits online.

Permit Applications

FEMA / Floodplain Management Documents


Contractor Registration

To perform any work in the City of Dunedin, every contractor who does not have a permanent business location in the City must register. There is no fee to register. Registrations are valid through September 30 of each year. To complete this annual process staff must verify each contractor has the following:

  • Valid State of Florida (DBPR/CILB) contractor's license.
  • Valid Pinellas County Construction Licensing Board (PCCLB) license and/or registration.

You may also submit a Contractor's Letter of Authorization(PDF, 163KB) to authorize someone other than the license holder to act on his/her behalf.

You may register as part of the permitting application process or the registration process can also be accomplished by email or regular mail if a permit is not required.


Fee Calculator and Schedule

Building Permit Fees

Building permit fees shall be assessed as follows:

  • Building Permit Fee: The building permit fee shall be 0.80 percent of the construction valuation, minimum of $60.00.
  • Building Plan Review Fee: The building plan review fee shall be 25 percent of the building permit fee.

Miscellaneous Building Permit Fees

  • Fence: $50.00 Each
  • Moving or Relocation of Building: $75.00 Per building
  • Tent: $30.00 Each

Electrical Permit Fees

  • Base Fee: $70.00 Each
  • Plus $5.00 per each $1,000.00 or fraction of the cost thereof for the electrical work.

Gas Permit Fees

  • Base Fee: $70.00 Each
  • Plus $5.00 per each $1,000.00 or fraction of the cost thereof for the gas work.

Mechanical Permit Fees

  • Base Fee: $70.00 Each
  • Plus $5.00 per each $1,000.00 or fraction of the cost thereof for the mechanical work.

Plumbing Permit Fees

  • Base Fee: $70.00 Each
  • Plus $5.00 per each $1,000.00 or fraction of the cost thereof for the plumbing work.

Miscellaneous Fees

  • Change of Contractor/Subcontractor: $20.00 Per trade
  • Partial or Special Inspection: $75.00 Each
  • Change Order, Commercial: $75.00 Each
  • Change Order, Residential: $40.00 Each
  • Reinstate Expired Permit, Commercial: $100.00 Each
  • Reinstate Expired Permit, Residential: $50.00 Each
  • Re-Inspection: $75.00 Each
  • House/Building Moving$100.00EachStop Work Order Release: $150.00 Each


Frequently Asked Questions

Does the City have a permitting guide?

What if I’m not sure who to contact about the permitting process?

If you have questions about permitting, please email us at or call (727) 298-3210 for assistance.

What if my neighborhood has a homeowners association?

The City does not enforce homeowners association rules and regulations. The property owner is responsible for adhering to deed restrictions and homeowners association requirements that apply to the subject property.

Do I need an inspection?

Yes, the Building Division must inspect all permitted work before the permit can be closed out. Permit holders can schedule inspections online at Inspections.

How long is a permit valid?

A permit is valid for 180 days from the date of issuance, or from the last approved inspection date. If the project is dormant for 180 days then the permit is expired. A permit may be extended only by the Building Official with a written request.

What is required to pull a permit?

Please see the Practical Guide to Permitting(PDF, 254KB) for submittal requirements.

What should I look for when choosing a contractor?

Please see the Residential Building Permits - A Homeowner's Guide(PDF, 909KB) brochure for valuable tips on choosing a contractor.

Can a homeowner pull a permit?

Florida law requires all construction to be done by licensed contractors. One exception to the law allows an owner of a one- or two-family dwelling to act as the contractor with certain restrictions. The owner/builder is exempt from some licensing regulations when building for his/her own use and occupancy, and the owner must provide direct onsite supervision. It is the obligation of the owner to read, understand and comply with the statute. The sale or lease, or offering for sale or lease of said structure for a period of one (1) year after completion of construction is a criminal violation, punishable as a misdemeanor in the second degree. The applicant for an owner/builder permit will be required to appear and sign an affidavit(PDF, 440KB) as acknowledgement of the State requirements.

How long does it usually take to get a permit?

Average plan review times for residential permits is 5-7 business days, and 7-10 business days for commercial permits. Permits for certain types of work may be issued on the same day as we receive the application. The following are some examples.

  • Air-conditioning/heating change outs
  • Electrical service change outs
  • Garage door replacements
  • Reroofing
  • Sewer or water line replacement
  • Water heater replacements

What does not require a permit?

No permits are needed for carpet, vinyl and ceramic tile flooring installation; painting or paneling over existing walls and wallpapering; and ordinary minor repairs.

When do I need a permit?

Building permits are required for most work on residential buildings and structures. Residential buildings include single family homes, duplexes, triplexes, townhomes, condominiums, apartments, villas and mobile homes. Please see the Residential Building Permits - A Homeowner's Guide(PDF, 909KB) brochure for a list of the most common types of projects that require permits.

Why do I need a permit?

Building permits are how your local government ensures that buildings and structures are built in compliance with the Florida Building Codes. The purpose is to safeguard the public health, safety and general welfare through structural strength, means of egress facilities, stability, sanitation, adequate light and ventilation, energy conservation, and safety to life and property from fire and other hazards attributed to the built environment and to provide safety to fire fighters and emergency responders during emergency operations.


Impact Fee Rates

Impact fees are imposed for new development. Below are tables of the typical impact fees assessed for new residential uses.

Table 1: Impact Fee Rates for Uses outside of the Designated Downtown Area

Impact Fees Single Family Multi-Family Condo-minium Town-home Mobile Home
Multimodal $2,066 $1,420 $1,248 $1,248 $1,076
Law Enforcement $95 $95 $95 $95 $95
Fire Department $270 $270 $270 $270 $270
Sewer Service $1,834 $1,834 $1,834 $1,834 $1,834
Water Service $2,159 $2,159 $2,159 $2,159 $2,159
Parkland $7,868 $4,294 $4,294 $7,868 $7,868
Total (Per Dwelling Unit) $14,292 $10,072 $9,900 $13,474 $13,252

Table 2: Impact Fee Rates for the Designated Downtown Area

Impact Fees Single Family Multi-Family Condo- minium Town-home Mobile Home
Multimodal $1,529 $972 $924 $924 $796
Law Enforcement $95 $95 $95 $95 $95
Fire Department $270 $270 $270 $270 $270
Sewer Service $1,834 $1,834 $1,834 $1,834 $1,834
Water Service $2,159 $2,159 $2,159 $2,159 $2,159
Parkland $7,868 $4,294 $7,868 $7,868 $7,868
Total (Per Dwelling Unit) $13,755 $9,624 $13,150 $13,150 $12,972