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The Division of Strategy & Sustainability plays a pivotal role in fostering and strengthening both internal and external relationships within the City. Their primary mission is to develop and advance strategic goals and objectives, propelling the City toward becoming a High Performing Organization. They oversee the City-wide strategic planning process, alignment, coordination, and implementation. Working collaboratively with all Departments, Divisions, and Staff to understand how their roles contribute to the overall plan. They strive to promote a culture of innovation and implementation moving the City into the future. Establishing a critical relationship to advance legislative advocacy and employ metrics and data analytics to define and track key performance is a goal of the Division and establishes progress within the City.


Nicole Delfino
Strategy & Sustainability Manager


Transparency through Communication

Promoting Innovation & Creativity

Leading with Respect and Honesty

Building Community Relationships

Fostering a Positive Culture

Data Driven Decisions


Projects & Outcomes

Business Survey


The City of Dunedin has implemented a Business Opinion Survey to gather business owners' opinions and overall satisfaction levels , and to provide input to the City's Business Plan and budgeting process. The initial survey occurred in 2020 and most recently in 2023. The results of that survey showed that overall, 94.9% of Dunedin business owners and managers rate the City of Dunedin as a good or excellent place to operate a business, and 97.4% indicated Dunedin is a good or excellent place to work. Additionally, 91.4% (94.2% pre-COVID and 89.1% post-COVID) are satisfied with the level of services received from the City. Significantly, only 5.1% rate Dunedin as a below average or poor place to operate a business. In June 2020, the following categories were identified as items that should be addressed either through action or increased communication:

  • Affordable housing
  • Zoning/permitting/building red tape
  • Downtown vs. outside Downtown
  • Balance of development
  • Traffic/Parking
  • Regular communication


Citizen Survey


The City of Dunedin initiated a Citizen Survey in 2019 to better inform the budget priorities going forward. Along with the Business Survey, it would help City staff prepare a budget geared toward the wants and needs of its residents and community. Comments from residents give City staff firm data and metrics on their priorities. It also allows City staff to compare current services and uses to previous years seeing growth and success in many areas. 

Some of the key aspects of the survey include:

  • 93.6% Satisfaction with City services
  • 95.3% of Residents feel safe in the City of Dunedin
  • 90.1% of Residents are satisfied with Public Works
  • 96.2% of Residents are satisfied with Parks & Recreation

Top Priorities for the City include:

  • Planning for the Future
  • Traffic
  • Public Works
  • Environment/Sustainability
  • Affordable Housing

Marked Improvements (Compared 2019 and 2022 Survey)

  • Business Opportunities
  • Communications
  • Public Transportation

Downtown Task Force


The City of Dunedin implemented a Downtown Task Force that was representative of the hospitality industry, breweries, restaurants, retail, office, residents, and City staff. Facilitated by the Director of the Florida Institute of Government out of USF, it seeks to find alignment among all entities to benefit all throughout Dunedin's Downtown area. The Task Force was able to find alignment and present priority items to the City Commission. Those priorities translated into the following goals:

  • Improved relationships with businesses, residents and the City
  • Address the signage, parking, noise, and code enforcement issues experienced by all stakeholders
  • A stellar reputation for the City throughout the community and beyond

Legislative Priorities


Each year the City Commission review and recommend legislative priorities for the upcoming State legislative session. These priorities provide policy level guidance to respond to and advocate for the needs of the City to organizations and elected officials. This effort attempts to promote and protect initiatives important to our community, residents, businesses, and visitors.

Home Rule
  • Federal and state legislation impacting Home Rule continues to create challenges for local government implementation.
  • One size does not fit all communities.
  • The City of Dunedin stands with our fellow municipalities in SUPPORT of strengthening and protecting Home Rule powers of governance.
  • The Home Rule Powers Act of 1973 was intended to allow local government to effectively and efficiently respond to and provide for our residents and unique community needs.
  • Preempting legislation binds our abilities to do so.
Legislative Priorities
  • Environment & Resiliency
  • Transportation & Infrastructure
  • Municipal Administration
  • Economic Development
  • Affordable Housing
  • Education & Workforce

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning plays a pivotal role in shaping the future we envision for our community. By carefully assessing our current resources, identifying potential challenges, and setting clear goals, we can effectively allocate our resources, prioritize projects, and ensure the efficient delivery of essential services. A well-crafted strategic plan not only guides our decisions today but also safeguards the interests of future generations, fostering sustainable development and enhancing the overall quality of life for everyone.



Upcoming Strategic Opportunities for Dunedin