The City of Dunedin operates under a nonpartisan commissioner-manager form of government. The chief executive officer, known as the City Manager, oversees the departments and annual budget. There are 13 departments with various divisions and sections that provide the services and quality of life for all Dunedin.

Organizational Chart
6 EPIC Goals

EPIC-Goals-Revised-09-09-2.pdf(PDF, 220KB)

  1. Create a vibrant, cultural experience that touches the lives of our community and visitors.
  2. Create a visual sense of place throughout Dunedin.
  3. Promote Dunedin as The Premier Coastal Community, protecting and improving our natural resources for the enjoyment of all.
  4. Be the statewide model for environmental sustainability stewardship.
  5. Enhance community relationship strategies that strengthen inclusiveness, respect, transparency and collaborative engagement.
  6. Be a premier employer by fostering a diverse, highly engaged workforce through employee recruitment and attraction, workforce retention, employee development and inclusion initiatives.

Epic Goals Revised