Amberlea Park Playground


This newly renovated playground offers children the opportunity to rediscover and reenergize their imaginations and play in nature with this never-before type of playground in Dunedin!

The playground’s main feature is the unique climbing tree, “Branch Out.” The Branch Out name is a tribute to a tree. It focuses on the play value of trees and is a reminder of how it branches out to the rest of the playground. Children will engage in all sorts of “tree play,” climbing the trunk openings and swinging and swaying on all 18 dynamic rope activities. Branch Out provides a real tree top adventure for children of various ages and abilities. Tree play is physical and intellectual: it’s relaxing, it’s a little challenging, and it’s experiencing your body moving through space. The climbing is complex and multi-dimensional, with asymmetrical forms and unpredictable paths. There’s crawling and hanging when you go out onto a limb. There’s holding the trunk for stability. There’s also perching like a bird and observing your environment.

While Branch Out is a focal point of the playground, it does not take away from the other play components. The playground also features two separate play areas including swings, slides and other climbers. Best of all, it encourages kids to work together to find new play challenges.

The five-acre park is tucked back into the Amberlea neighborhood and boasts a cool, tree-shaded picnic area and an open playing area suitable for pick up football and soccer games.



1680 Amberlea Dr. N, Dunedin 34698  View Map

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