Dunedin Friends of the Library


The Dunedin Friends of the Library is a vibrant and hard working organization which provides funding and support to the staff and programs of the Dunedin Library. This is a 501(c)3 organization and this group has provided numerous enhancements and much hard work that has made a great difference in the Library. The Friends of the Library were founded August 10, 1962.

Interested or have a question about the Friends of the Library? Email the library at dunedinlibrary@dunedinfl.net.


Join us in supporting the Dunedin Public Library by applying for membership! Applications are available at the Reference Desk and include the following types:

Annual Individual - $15;
Annual Family - $25;
Life Individual - $125;
Life Family - $175.



Library Merchandise

Support the friends and sport cool new Dunedin Public Library merchandise! The Friends are selling an Artistic Map of Dunedin for $20 and Canvas Tote Bags for $15. Both are available at the Front Desk.


2023 Dunedin Friends of the Library Officers and Board of Directors

President: Malla Kolhoff
Vice President: Sandra Erickson
Secretary: Jackie Lewis
Treasurer: Ginger Herdman
Past President: Dottie Bellavance
Membership: Bunny Dutton
Bookstore: Layle Kremske
Directors: Nancy Abbott, Megan Carson, Shannon Cobb-Tappan, Betty Edelman, Sara Kessinger, Jackie Lewis, Jan Marino, Linda Marion, Joan Mitchem, Donna Moore, Karen Resciniti, Eileen Sheahan, Kelley Smith
DYV Representative: Arshia Alipour
Library Director: Phyllis Gorshe