Rain Barrel Program

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Along with many of the City’s “green” initiatives,
The City of Dunedin has a rewarding partnership with the Minute Made/Coca Cola Corporation to provide  FREE rain barrels to Dunedin residents.

Minute Maid/Coca Cola prepares and donates all the rain barrels to the City's program which encourages residents to "harvest the rain!"  
A rain barrel is a device that is used to collect rainwater for the purpose of landscape irrigation.

There are multiple benefits and uses from harvesting the rain:

Some of the benefits of rain barrel are:  

  • Reduces use of potable water
  • Reduces erosion
  • Reduces storm-water runoff
  • Saves $ on water bill

Rain barrel uses:

  • Irrigation of plants
  • Bird Baths
  • Washing cars
  • Cleaning garden tools

Items you will need to make your own rain barrel at home:


 55 Gallon Drum
(Free for Dunedin Residents)

 Drill Bit

 15/16" Drill Bit

 PVC Glue

PVC Cement 


3/4" Boiler Drain Spigot 



Rain barrels can be picked up between 8-4 M-F at the Solid Waste Division
1070 Virginia St.
(727) 298-3215 or SolidWaste@DunedinFL.net 


Have a rain barrel and looking to spruce it up? Then paint it!
Clean up your barrel, sand paper it, apply an outdoor primer, let it dry, and paint away! 
Here are some stencils that can be used to decorate.