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The City of Dunedin encourages businesses, residents, and organizations to incorporate sustainability into their lifestyles and operations. 

Businesses in Dunedin can create impacts that affect the entire community. Being a coastal City brings more responsibility in terms of reducing greenhouse gases, reducing waste, increasing the local economy, and creating a more inclusive community. 

Know of a business, employee, or resident who goes above and beyond to incorporate sustainability into their day-to-day actions? 

Nominate them!

The City of Dunedin and Committee on Environmental Quality would like to recognize individuals, businesses, and organizations that are green. 

The City's Environmental Advocate Award is now accepting nominations. 

Please review the form and email nominations to


Annual Dunedin Green Scene
Environmental Advocate Award Nomination


Sponsored by the City of Dunedin GREEN SCENE


Who is eligible? Dunedin businesses, volunteer groups, or individual Dunedin residents.  City employees and members of the Dunedin Committee on Environmental Quality are not eligible.


What is the purpose of the Award? This Award recognizes businesses, volunteer groups or individuals whose actions protect and conserve the natural environment and contribute to the sustainability of the City of Dunedin.


Who can submit the Award Nomination?  Anyone with knowledge of the business, volunteer group, or individual Dunedin resident may complete and submit the nomination.  Self-submittals are accepted.


Who evaluates the Award Nominations?  A subcommittee of the Dunedin Committee on Environmental Quality reviews the nominations and the Committee selects the winner from the finalists.


When is the deadline?

March 20, 2020 - Deadline for nomination submission

April 16, 2020 – The winner of the Award will be recognized during the regular Dunedin Commission Meeting as part of Earth Day Festivities.


Where should the nominations be submitted?  Natalie Henley, City of Dunedin Solid Waste & Recycling, 1070 Virginia Street, Dunedin, FL  34698 or by email at


Who is the contact for questions? Contact Dunedin Sustainability Coordinator, Natalie Henley, at or 727-298-3215 ext. 1324 if you have any questions.




Please provide the following information and submit photographs or other examples of the nominee’s advocacy for the environment:

  1. Name of Nominee:  If this is a group or business, give both that name and a contact name.
  2. Address of Nominee
  3. Telephone Number of Nominee
  4. Email address of the Nominee
  5. Description of how the Nominee protects and conserves the environment and contributes to the sustainability of Dunedin.  Please give specific examples.
  6. Number of people involved or impacted by this Nominee’s environmental commitment.
  7. Name and telephone number of the person making the nomination.



 Green Economy
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Green Businesses impact the community, economy, and natural world. 

Focusing on the Triple Bottom Line: Social, Environmental, Economic (or People, Planet, Profit) creates a cohesive approach for a sustainable future. 

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Contact Natalie Henley to learn more about the
Dunedin Green Scene and how you can get involved. 

727-298-3215  x1324



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