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Water Fluoridation

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Drinking Water Fluoridation in the City of Dunedin

Dunedin continues to fluoridate its water based on the Commisions vote of 3-2 on November 29, 2011. 

History of Fluoridation in the City of Dunedin

The decision to fluoridate Dunedin water was made in 1989 during the design of our reverse osmosis water treatment plant.  A public hearing was held to discuss current science on the issue and to hear from Dunedin citizens. Testimony was received from representatives of the State of Florida Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services and the Florida Dental Association. Based on a preponderance of evidence, the decision was to move forward with fluoridation. The City subsequently received a federal grant for equipment and startup chemicals necessary to begin feeding fluoride into the water system when our plant came on line in 1992. In 2004, Pinellas County Utilities began adding fluoride to drinking water. Today, forty-two of the fifty largest cities in the U.S. have adopted fluoridation.

In addition to the testimony from the public hearing, Dunedin officials also considered the recommendations of the Center for Disease Control, US Environmental Protection Agency, American Medical Association, American Dental Association, US Surgeon General, Florida Health Department and the Pinellas County Health Department in deciding to fluoridate our public water supply. These organizations were (and continue to be) recognized as reputable entities in the field of public health and each supported fluoridation of public water supplies.

The American Dental Association endorses the fluoridation of community water supplies and the use of fluoride-containing products as safe and effective measures for preventing tooth decay. The US Public Health Service has established the optimal concentration for fluoride in water supplies in a range of 0.7 to 1.2 parts per million (ppm). The USEPA drinking water standard maximum contamination level is 4.0 ppm. Fluoride levels naturally occurring in water pumped from the Floridan aquifer to the City of Dunedin's R.O. water treatment plant is 0.2 ppm. Fluoride is added to the drinking water during the water treatment process. The average amount of fluoride in drinking for the City of Dunedin is 0.71 ppm.

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