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Rates and Bill Information

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Discontinued Service and Vacant Properties:

Even though water service is canceled, discontinued, and/or property is vacant, property owners will continue to be billed a Unit Charge, Capital Recovery Fee, Stormwater Fee and Dormant Trash and Garbage charge.

Understanding Your Bill:

Water is the potable water used in your home or business, billed by the 1,000 gallons. Meters are read monthly.

Reclaimed Water is a charge for reclaimed water used in irrigation systems, billed by the 1,000 gallons. Meters are read monthly.

Reclaimed Water Surcharge Fee is imposed on all RW used over your allowed base surcharge rate. This fee is imposed during our dry season (Feb 1-June 30) to encourage customers to conserve water.

Capital Recovery Fee is for the costs associated with providing reclaimed water from the reclaimed facility.

Irrigation charge is for water used for sprinkling, billed by the 1,000 gallons. Meters are read monthly.

Sewer is the charge for processing of sewage and is based on water usage.

Trash and Garbage (solid waste) is a charge for removal of solid waste.

Stormwater Fee is a charge to each facility to provide retention, treatment and discharge of stormwater throughout the City.

Unit Charge is a fee for each facility or unit connected to water or sewer, whether service is on or off.

Bill Date is the date your bill is mailed to you. It is due when rendered and becomes delinquent 20 days after the Bill Date.
Due Date is the last day you may pay your bill by 6:00 pm without becoming delinquent and being assessed a late charge.

Delinquent on your payment?

What to expect . . .

The bill is delinquent 20 days after the bill is rendered. Service will be terminated 8:30 a.m. on the service cut-off date for nonpayment. Minimum restoration charge is $30.00

Disconnection of Service for Non-payment:
Disconnection of service will occur anytime after the delinquent date on the Reminder Notice unless arrangements have been previously made. ($20 water turn off charge)

Re-connection of Service:
Reconnection of service will occur after payment consisting of the delinquent balance and all applicable charges for restoration are received. ($10 water turn on charge)

If a utility service has been discontinued, anyone tampering with the utility service shall be charged a $50 penalty.  

Notice of Delinquency - Administrative Hearing:
The City ordinance provides that if a utility bill is not paid on the due date, the account shall be delinquent. If this bill is not paid within five (5) working days after delinquency, the City may discontinue utility service until the bill is paid in full.

If you dispute the bill or for any other reason feel you should not pay it, you have a right to an administrative hearing. You must notify the City in writing within five (5) working days from the due date on the bill if you want this hearing. Please address your request to the Utility Billing Manager at 550 Laura Ln Dunedin, FL 34698.

Failure to pay the bill in full, or request an administrative hearing, on a timely basis will result in termination of service and subject you to additional charges for restoration of service.