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Dunedin's Recycling Program Information

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Dunedin's Guide to Recycling


How to Recycle Curbside and Drop-Off

Residents can recycle many items to reduce the amount of waste going into the landfill. When single stream guidelines are not followed and unacceptable material creeps into the recycling stream, the contamination can force the entire load of recyclables to the landfill.
This ruins good recycling efforts; It does not "get recycled down the line."


What we CAN Recycle?

*Please make sure all items are empty, rinsed and no solid food remains

  • Plastic bottles, tubs, jugs and containers #1-7 (NO Styrofoam, Plastic Bags, or Film-even if it has a triangle)
  • Glass Bottles and Jars (No Other Types of Glass or ceramics)
  • Food and Beverage Cartons
  • Paper and Cardboard (Flattened)
  • Aluminum, Tin, and Steel Cans
  • Empty Aerosol Cans


What we CAN'T Recycle?

These are common items that are contributing to the growing contamination problem

  • Plastic Bags/Film (Can be dropped off at a local grocery store, this includes film, such as what a case of water is wrapped in, or reuse for pet waste)
  • Any Styrofoam packaging or food containers (Styrofoam food trays and cups stamped with #6 can be taken to local grocery store. Shipping stores take some packing Styrofoam)
  • Hazardous Materials / Electronics (Take to Pinellas County HEC3 facility or check the local Mobile Collection Schedule.

  • Construction Materials, wood, concrete, drywall (Temporary containers used for construction are taken to to a different type of recycling facility)

  • Yard Debris (Yard debris placed curbside is recycled at a different type of recycling facility)

  • Never place any unacceptable items in the cart; brush, wood, garden hoses, string lights, construction debris, appliances, random metal pieces, pvc, window blinds, clothes hangers, small toys. These items DO NOT get recycled "down the line," and can send the whole load to be sent to the landfill


Want to know what not to throw in your blue recycling cart? The NO list: 
Plastic bags, clothing, food & liquids, garden hoses, electrical cords, Styrofoam, needles, and yard debris do not belong in curbside recycling.

Do NOT bag your recyclables. Dunedin's recycling sorting processor wants loose commingled recyclables. Plastic bags and tanglers cause havoc to the equipment by snagging conveyor belts and wheels, stopping the entire process.

Top 5 Most Common Contaminants: 

Plastic Bags, Bagged Recyclables, Yard Waste, Tanglers, and Textiles


           Dont bag recycling                          Dont put grass leaves and yard debris in recycling Dont put hangers and tanglers in recycling Dont put clothing and textiles in recycling


How to Correctly Dispose of These Items: 

  • Plastic bags - Drop off plastic bags in drop box outside participating grocery stores. Remember, don't bag your recyclables. Place everything loose in your recycling cart. 
  • Yard debris - curbside customers can place yard waste in cans and bags out on their trash collection day.
  • Tanglers - place hangers, garden hoses, and electrical cords in garbage carts. 
  • Clothing & Textiles - drop off clothing and textiles at either the Lake Haven Textile drop box or the Michigan Textile drop box. Textiles dropped off in these receptacles are sorted locally: Anything in good condition is donated and anything that is no longer able to be donated is recycled into something new. 


Need a new Recycling Guide Sticker for your Cart?

Contact Dunedin Solid Waste at 727-298-3215
or by email at SolidWaste@DunedinFL.Net to receive a new sticker. 

Download Digital Copy of Dunedin's Recycling Guide


 Helpful Hints for Preparing Recyclables

  • Check for the triangle with #'s 1-7 on plastic containers and jugs
  • Rinse recyclables with any residue, solid food should be scrapped out
  • NEVER place recyclables in plastic bags (even if the bag states it's for recyclables) 
  • Items should always be loose
  • Break down boxes


Questions? Contact us at (727)298-3215 OR


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