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Single Stream Recycling

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Dunedin's Guide to Recycling 

What is Single Stream Recycling?

It is a recycling collection method where all materials are mixed and collected in one container. Then materials are transported to a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) and sorted using humans and state of the art equipment such as conveyor belts, screens, magnets, and optical sorters.


Want to know what not to throw in your blue recycling cart? The NO list: 
Plastic bags, clothing, food & liquids, garden hoses, electrical cords, Styrofoam, needles, and yard debris do not belong in curbside recycling.

Do NOT bag your recyclables. Dunedin's recycling sorting processor wants loose commingled recyclables. Plastic bags and tanglers cause havoc to the equipment by snagging conveyor belts and wheels, stopping the entire process.

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Check out the City's Recycling Video for tips!


Top 5 Most Common Contaminants: 

Plastic Bags, Bagged Recyclables, Yard Waste, Tanglers, and Textiles


       Dont bag recycling      Dont put grass leaves and yard debris in recycling Dont put hangers and tanglers in recycling 
        Dont put clothing and textiles in recycling    Dont put electronics in recycling  Dont put plastic bags in recycling


How to Correctly Dispose of These Items: 

  • Plastic bags - Drop off plastic bags in drop box outside participating grocery stores. Remember, don't bag your recyclables. Place everything loose in your recycling cart. 
  • Yard debris - curbside customers can place yard waste in cans and bags out on their trash collection day.
  • Tanglers - place hangers, garden hoses, and electrical cords in garbage carts. 
  • Clothing & Textiles - drop off clothing and textiles at either the Lake Haven Textile drop box or the Michigan Textile drop box. Textiles dropped off in these receptacles are sorted locally: Anything in good condition is donated and anything that is no longer able to be donated is recycled into something new. 
  • Electronics & Chemicals - phones, computers, TVs and other hazardous waste including paint, chemicals, and household cleaners are to be disposed of through the Pinellas County Solid Waste program. Click here to see the County's mobile collection schedule. If electronics or chemicals are disposed of incorrectly, they can start fires and cause safety issues. 


Need a new recycling Guide Sticker for your Cart?

Contact Dunedin Solid Waste at 727-298-3215 or by email at SolidWaste@DunedinFL.Net to receive a new sticker. 

Download Dunedin's Recycling Guide 


Check out Dunedin staff touring the Waste Pro MRF in Sarasota:

Dunedin City Staff Tour the Waste Pro MRF (Materials Recovery Facility) Video


If you would like an article for your neighborhood newsletter or some FLYERS to hand out to your friends and neighbors, contact the Solid Waste Division at (727) 298-3215.


If you have any further questions, please contact the Solid Waste Division at

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