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Reclaimed Water

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Reclaimed WaterPaul Stanek

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Reclaimed Water Availability


Currently there is a moratorium on new reclaimed watermain construction although there are a limited number of reclaimed water connections available along existing reclaimed watermains.  To find out if reclaimed water is available at your location, contact the Dunedin Water Division (727) 298-3100.
Reclaimed Water Conservation Message

Please only irrigate within your assigned dry season allocation to avoid paying $2.00 per 1,000 gallons of over-used reclaimed water and do not water during the hours of 9 am to 6 pm and 10 pm to 5 am daily and all day on Wednesday. These periods are specifically designated to fill the storage tanks and perform system maintenance. Should you have any questions concerning your watering schedule please contact the Water Division at 298-3100.

Reclaimed Water Quality

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) establishes strict regulations which limit the amount of contaminants in reclaimed water.  A Reclaimed Water Consumer Confidence Report (CCR), required by FDEP, is mailed to reclaimed customers every year and lists contaminants present in the source water for reclaimed water.

2018 Reclaimed Water Consumer Confident Report 


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RWsprinkler2.jpgCustomers in the City of Dunedin can count on high quality reclaimed water suitable for landscape irrigation. Reclaimed water is treated through advanced technical processes designed by engineers, operated by highly skilled and licensed city staff, and tested in sophisticated laboratory processes.

The utilization of the city's reclaimed water for landscape irrigation is safe for the protection of the environment and the public health. The city's reclaimed water program is an important component in the conservation of groundwater needed to sustain your drinking water supply for future years.

Reclaimed water is a product of treated wastewater collected from your homes, businesses, and the by-product water from the city's reverse osmosis water treatment plant. The wastewater flows through sewer mains and pumping stations within in the city's service area to the city owned and operated advanced Wastewater Treatment Facility.

This facility operates 365 days a year, 24-hours a day, and is operated by technically skilled operators, mechanics, and electricians committed to providing city customers with superior reclaimed water quality. There, the wastewater moves through numerous treatment processes to remove odor, oils and grease, organic matter, solids, nitrogen, phosphorus, metals, bacteria and other contaminants.

The resulting reclaimed water meets all state standards for use as landscape irrigation water. Reclaimed water is then pumped to customers and to four storage tanks located throughout the city.


Cross-Connection Control "Protecting You"

RWdanBFtest.jpgIn accordance with the city's Cross-Connection Control Program, the Water Division installs a backflow prevention assembly at homeowners' water meters in all subdivisions having reclaimed water service.

A backflow prevention assembly is a mechanical assembly that meets standards as set forth by the American Water Works Association, the American Society of Sanitary Engineers and the Foundation for Cross-Connection and Hydraulic Research. These installations protect you by preventing the backflow of potential contaminants or pollution from customers' plumbing back into the public water supply.

Every backflow prevention assembly is tested each year to insure proper working conditions. The Water Division staff repairs or replaces all faulty assemblies at no additional cost to the customer.

Annually, the Water Division staff conducts tests for each customer's reclaimed water irrigation system and their drinking water plumbing to insure that these systems remain separate and a cross-connection has not occurred.

For additional information concerning reclaimed water and cross-connection control call the Water Division at 298-3100.