With the exception of limited re-openings of the Highlander Pool Fitness Center, the Library and Playgrounds, City buildings are closed to the public.  Phase 2 Updates .

Stormwater Section

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StormwaterDivision Director of Public Services 
Keith Fogarty 
Phone 727-298-3232

Mission Statement

The main function of the Stormwater Section is to provide for the health, safety, and welfare of the community through the protection, preservation, and conservation of fragile and finite environmental resources and the management of City infrastructure. We also provide high quality Stormwater Utility Service to the City to maintain drainage systems and improve water quality in Dunedin lakes, streams, and St. Joseph Sound.


stormwaterDrainage Maintenance
Cleaning and regrading drainage ditches and swales within City right-of-ways on an as needed basis.  Cleaning and restoration of stormwater facilities (ponds, lakes) within the City right-of-way.  Aquatic weed control on City owned ponds, lakes, and ditches 7 times per year.  Mowing of City ditches, right-of-way ponds and lakes 4 times per year.  Inspection, maintenance, and repair of the City stormdrain system.  If you are experiencing a drainage problem or have concerns with lakes, creeks, or retention ponds in the City, please contact us at 727-298-3232.

Street Sweeping
Sweeping of City streets and property is performed 4 times per year totaling 3,200 miles annually.  Streets with heavy leaf litter are swept 5-6 times per year.  Sweeping due to spills, accidents, and special events are done on an as needed basis.  Sweeping of S.R. 580 and Alt. 19 is performed every two weeks.  Belcher Road, County Road One, and Curlew Road are swept by Pinellas County Highway.

Sand Bag Distribution
In the event of a declared emergency, sandbags and sand will be staged and distributed at designated locations. This information is announced on Channel 15 and also posted on the City of Dunedin website.  Under non-emergency conditions, citizens must purchase their own sandbags.  

Sandbag Distribution Program

Southwest Florida Water Management District

Florida Department of Environmental Protection

Stormwater Frequently Asked Questions

Mosquito Control