Public Improvement Projects

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Finance Department


Utilities Section:

WWTP Chemical Feed System Conversion –
This project consists of the renovation of the current chlorine and sulfur dioxide chemical building, and installation of new sodium hypochlorite and sodium bisulfite storage tanks and dosing systems, replacement of a Return Activated Sludge (RAS) flow meter, and installation of two air valves to the aeration basins. The project has reached Substantial Completion and final punch list items are being completed. The installation of the RAS flow meter, vault and piping has been completed. An overnight plant shutdown, from Thursday (9/6) to Friday (9/7), was executed to install a permanent bypass line. Final installation of the flow meter and vault was completed on September 14th.

Project Manager: Russell Ferlita, Ph.D., P.E. (727) 298-3186
Construction Manager: Tim Calvit, P.E. (727) 298-3211
Project Inspector: Mike Blanton (727) 298-3177

WWTP Denitrification Filter Building Repair & Rehabilitation –
This project consists of the removal and replacement of twenty (20) valves and actuators for the denitrification filters, removal and replacement of two pumps and 2 check valves, and repair of damaged concrete portions of the filter building. To perform the work, insertion of eight line stops are required to isolate portions of existing piping and valves.  In addition, all piping corresponding to replaced valves will be painted. SGS Contracting Services was awarded the contract in the amount of $697,400 on April 19th. The Pre-Con meeting was held on May 29th; due to long lead times for the valves and actuators, the “NTP” was issued for August 20th; with project completion anticipated before June 12, 2019. A meeting with the Contractor to review work activities and schedule was held on October 4th.

Project Manager: Russell Ferlita, Ph.D., P.E. (727) 298-3186
Construction Manager: Tim Calvit, P.E. (727) 298-3211
Project Inspector: Mike Blanton (727) 298-3177

Water Treatment Plant – Design Build
The Water Treatment Plant (WTP) Refurbishment Project will rehabilitate / replace the existing 9.5 MGD treatment plant and ensure the ongoing production of high quality potable water to the City of Dunedin’s residents and customers. This is a Progressive Design-Build project which consists of two phases. Phase I, includes pilot testing and detailed design to 90% in order to establish a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) for construction. Phase II, includes completing detailed design, construction, commissioning and turnover to the City. Phase I detailed design is currently underway; the City has completed review of the 60% design package. The 60% design review meeting with Black & Veatch, Hazen, Tetra Tech, and City staff was held on September 28th. The 90% design package is expected in the beginning of November, which will be reviewed by the City and the City’s value engineering consultant, Tetra Tech. Once review is completed, the City will receive the GMP, which will be brought before the Commission for construction award.

Project Manager: Russell Ferlita, Ph.D., P.E. (727) 298-3186

Lift Station 8 & 15 Emergency Diesel Pumps –
These Emergency Diesel Pumps will automatically turn on in the event of a power outage, thus minimizing the need for wastewater staff to physically access the stations to respond to an emergency power outage. In addition, the back-up pumps are designed to handle above normal flows to the stations during inclement weather, in an effort to minimize SSO’s. The City’s consultant has submitted the 100% Design Drawings and Specifications for the project which are currently being reviewed by Wastewater and Engineering staff. It is anticipated the project (estimated at $380,000) will be advertised for Bid in October. 

Project Manager: Tim Calvit, P.E. (727) 298-3211
Project Inspector: Mike Blanton (727) 298-3177

Edgewater Drive Sanitary Sewer Replacement and Crosswalk RRFB Project –
This project consists of the removal of existing 8” vitrified clay sanitary sewer pipe (VCP) and replacement with 8” PVC pipe, the removal and replacement of one manhole, installation of a crosswalk with signage and rectangular rapid flashing beacons (RRFB’s), and associated restoration work. This project will improve water quality, and decrease Inflow/Infiltration into the sanitary sewer collection system. The Project was awarded to Rowland Inc., on July 24th. The Pre-Construction meeting was held on September 6th, and construction commenced on September 17th. All work has been completed with the exception to the RRFB’s, which will be installed in October.

Project Manager: Russell Ferlita, Ph.D., P.E. (727) 298-3186
Project Inspector: Mike Blanton (727) 298-3177

Wastewater Treatment Plant SCADA System Upgrades –
The City of Dunedin intends to upgrade its existing PLC’s and InTouch application in the Advanced Wastewater Treatment Facility AWWTF and Collections system.  The scope of work includes: supply materials, install, test, and commission existing Local and Remote Telemetry Units, PLC’s, network equipment, power supplies, terminal blocks, wire, wire ways, surge suppression, cellular communication modems, miscellaneous mounting hardware, & computers. The project was advertised as a time and materials contract on August 24th. The pre-bid meeting was held on October 4th, and bid opening will be on October 23rd. Award of the contract is expected in November, with construction commencing by January 2019.

Project Manager: Russell Ferlita, Ph.D., P.E. (727) 298-3186

Roadway Section:

Albert Street Crosswalk –
This Edgewater Dr crossing is being retro-fitted with RRFB’s (see above).

Pavement Preservation – 
The 2018 annual paving contract was bid on August 31st with bid opening scheduled for October 2nd.

Project Manager: Katie Agoado, P.E. (727) 298-3181
Project Inspector: Mark Torrance (727) 298-3183

Community Center Pervious Concrete Parking Lot Improvements –

Project consists of the removal and disposal of existing granite chips, geoweb, and subsurface material in the existing parking lot on the east side of the Community Center; and subsequent replacement with pervious concrete. This project will improve storm water quality and reduce maintenance responsibilities associated with the existing gravel parking spaces. A SWFWMD Permit Exemption was issued for the installation of a base of 12” washed FDOT #57 stone and filter fabric under 6” of Pervious Concrete. The Bid Opening occurred on September 4th with bids received from two contractors. The Parks & Recreation Department has decided to cancel the bid and re-appropriate funds at this time.

Project Manager: Tim Calvit, P.E. (727) 298-3211

Drainage / Interdepartmental Support:

Marina Sediment Removal Project –

The City Commission approved an authorization request for $62,430 on August 21st for a natural resources survey (complete), bathymetric survey (complete), and geotechnical data collection (by mid-November) in order to complete Phase 1 of the project, and finalize permitting. With these results, the consultant can then move forward with the design in Phase 2, if it is confirmed that sediment depths warrant removal.

Project Manager: Bruce Wirth, P.E., (727) 298-3208

Marina Boat Ramp Replacement –
The concrete boat ramp to the Sound has been damaged by wave erosion and needs to be replaced. Staff submitted a request for formal exemption verification from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) that removal and replacement with a boat ramp of similar size and footprint is exempt from permitting. Final plans for a smaller ramp are currently being prepared for bid.

Project Manager: Bruce Wirth, P.E., (727) 298-3208

Idlewild Ditch Project –
The City Commission approved an authorization request for $49,996 on August 21st for the Idlewild Ditch Project, which will address erosion and sediment issues affecting adjacent properties, and the City maintained ditch system. The consultant (ADA) has completed the site survey in September, and is in the preliminary calculations and design phase. 

Project Managers: Keith Fogarty (727) 298-3131 / Bruce Wirth, P.E., (727) 298-3208