Annexation of Property into Dunedin

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Property Owners may request voluntary annexation into the City of Dunedin from an adjacent unincorporated area of Pinellas County to provide City water and sewer services which are insufficient to them.   This may not be the only reason, but you may contact our office for further information and guidance.

There is no fee to annex into the City of Dunedin.   Deciding whether or not it would be beneficial to annex can be a confusing process. There are a number of taxes, fees, and service charges that can change with annexation, and residents may not know how to estimate the financial impact of these changes.  To help you decide, Forward Pinellas believes that property owners should be as informed as possible before making the decision whether or not to annex, and has designed a worksheet to help you obtain some of this information, by estimating the difference in annual taxes and fees that you would pay before and after annexation.  To access the worksheet, please follow the steps below:

Step 1:  Go to

Step 2:  From the main menu, choose Building Your Future

Step 3:  From the Building Your Future Menu, choose Truth in Annexation

Step 4:  On the Truth in Annexation page, click on the Truth in Annexation Worksheet

Step 5:  Follow the worksheet instructions and compare your taxes.

To assist you in the annexation application process, you can download the following application and guidelines.

1B ANNEX APP 2019 to apply for annexation into the City of Dunedin.

Annexation of property into the City of Dunedin also requires a Land Use Plan Amendment and Zoning District Designation (from County to City).

Please use the following link to view the guidelines for this process:  1B ANNEX GUIDE 2019.  These guidelines also show a flowchart of the annexation process.

Any questions, please contact Joan McHale at