Current Development Projects

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We are excited to show you projects in our Development Review process.  As meetings occur, we will update with results and notifications of future public hearings.  All meetings are open to the public.


Beyond the Wall SE Rendering

Beyond the Wall Bed & Breakfast proposes a 2-story building expansion with 3 additional rental units.

Local Planning Agency - Recommended Approval May 8, 2019

City Commission Public Hearing #1 - Approval June 20, 2019

City Commission Public Hearing #2 - July 11, 2019



OAK BEND TOWNHOMES - Final Approval 6/7/18

Update June 2019:  Planned demolition September 2019.

Oak Bend

A proposed development at 810 Main Street, at the corner of New York Avenue.  The owner of this property is interested in building 32 townhomes in the current location of mobile homes.  This application involves a design review, rezoning the property from Mobile Home (MH) to Planned Residential Development (PRD), and a land use designation from Residential Low Medium (RLM) to Residential Medium (RM).

Local Planning Agency Meeting:  February 7, 2018 Recommended Approval

City Commission 1st Public Hearing: March 1, 2018 Approved

City Commission 2nd Public Hearing: June 7, 2018 Final Approval

Due to a Land Use Plan Amendment, this project must be approved at the County level.  It will be scheduled for the following hearings:  Planners Advisory Committee (PAC), Forward Pinellas, and Countywide Planning Authority (CPA), before coming back before the Dunedin City Commission for a 2nd and Final Hearing.

2624 Paula Drive North - SEA PALMS TOWNHOMES

Sea Palms Cover Photo

A project to build 4 "twin villa" townhomes at 2624 Paula Drive North, was granted final approval by the City Commission at their July 27, 2017 meeting.  Prior to build, the developer has come back with another application for a revision to this original plan.  This new proposed project will consist of the approved 4 "twin villa" townhome units along with a single townhome unit for a total of 9 units.

Local Planning Agency:  May 8, 2019 Recommended Approval

Applicant Tabled Project on June 20, 2019

Sea Palms Site Plan

Sea Palms Elevation


418 Grant B&B

Proposed construction of a 22-room Bed and Breakfast.

Local Planning Agency - November 14, 2018 Recommended Denial
City Commission 1st Public Hearing - December 6, 2018 Approved
City Commission 2nd Public Hearing - January 10, 2019 Final Approval

418 Grant Site & Landscape Plans

418 Grant - Views NSEW

418 Grant Floor Plans

THE COURTYARD AT MAIN - Final Approval 11/1/18

Update June 2019:  Under infrastructure engineering review; expecting to break ground in August 2019.

Main-Douglas PIC

The proposed construction of a multi-use development at the corner of Main Street and Douglas Avenue bordered by the Pinellas Trail on the West, and Monroe Street on the North, to include two levels of residential condominiums (18 units total, 33,602 SF), two levels of commercial/retail and restaurants (25,647 SF), three levels of existing office space (20,178 SF), a four-level parking structure (71,240 SF), and an interior courtyard for both public and private use (7,490 SF). 

(Update 3/25/19): The Ocean Optics parking lot that is used for public parking and leased by the City at this time will be closing for construction the beginning of June. 

The developers of Courtyard on Main will be closing the Ocean Optics lot to begin staging and prep for the construction of new building and redevelopment of the old Optics building.  Suggested alternative parking will be 1 block North on Monroe Street at the Parking Garage.

  • The leased parking area contained 41 spaces, these spaces will now be absorbed into the new parking garage on Monroe Street.
  • The construction is expected to take 2 years.
  • The Dunedin Station Square lot (corner of Douglas & Scotland) which is also leased contains approximately 65 spaces and this parking surface has been improved in April making it a more desirable place to park.
  • There are currently no plans for public parking to be incorporated into the new redevelopment project as the Monroe Parking garage was built to absorb the lost leased parking and the City is looking to build another parking garage on property it owns at Louden/Milwaukee.
  • In addition the City is always viewing opportunities to improve parking options in the downtown.

Local Planning Agency - October 10, 2018 Recommended Approval

City Commission 1st Public Hearing, October 18, 2018 Approved

City Commission 2nd Public Hearing, November 1, 2018 Final Approval