Temporary Signage

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Temporary sign means a sign intended for a use not permanent in nature.  Unless otherwise provided for in the Land Development Code, a sign with an intended use for a period of time related to an event or occurrence at a future time shall be deemed a temporary sign.  Such events could include, but are not limited to, scheduled community athletic or charity events, contractor notices of construction projects in progress, elections scheduled to occur in the future, or sales or leases of real property, goods or services by retailers, realtors or individuals where sale will be completed by some future date or upon the completion of the lease or sale.  A flag shall be deemed a temporary sign.  A sign advertising a reduced price or other promotional benefit associated with a product or service sold or offered on a parcel shall not constitute a temporary sign.

105-29.3.8  The section highlighted below limits temporary signage to 100 days, while allowing for longer term events like a real estate transaction that could take longer than 100 days.

           a.       General rule concerning temporary signs.  Unless otherwise provided for in this article, temporary signs shall not be erected for more than 100 days prior to the event being advertised on the temporary sign begins, and they shall be removed promptly at the event’s conclusion.  Temporary signs not advertising an event to occur on a specific date but which are related to the occurrence of an expected future event or transaction, including but not limited to temporary real estate for sale signs, shall not be subject to the 100-day provision of this subsection, but such signs shall also be removed promptly upon the earliest of the occurrence of the event or transaction, or the expiration of the listing or other similar change in facts eliminating the opportunity of the future event or transaction from occurring.

105-29.4.4   Temporary signs.  Temporary signs shall be allowed on each parcel within the City as follows:

                     1.       In residential zones, each parcel may display up to four temporary signs which shall not exceed four (4) square feet in sign area, and four (4) feet in height for residential properties.

                     2.       In all non-residential zones, each parcel may display one temporary sign which shall not exceed twenty-four (24) square feet in sign area and six (6) feet in height.  Alternatively, each parcel in a non-residential zone may display up to eight (8) temporary signs, which cumulatively shall not exceed twenty-four (24) square feet in sign area and four (4) feet in height.

Temporary Signage Exemptions Ended


During the Recession, the City Commission created temporary exemptions to four types of prohibited signs.  The exemptions were designed to be triggered when the Pinellas County unemployment rate is above 7%.  With the current unemployment rate at 2.8% (November 2018), staff recommended ending the temporary exemptions below.





A postcard (shown above) was sent out to all registered businesses in the City of Dunedin in October of 2018 notifying them of this change with an effective date of January 15, 2019.  Any business found to be in violation of the code will be given a courtesy letter and a set period of time to comply before taking code enforcement action.  The City’s goal is to encourage compliance.