Prohibited Signs

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Article 105-29.1.3 - Prohibited Signs

Page 33 thru 35
a.       Abandoned or discontinued signs and/or sign structures
b.       Bench/bus shelter advertising signs
c.       Billboards
d.       Wall wrap signs
e.       Electronic changeable copy/message sign
f.        Snipe signs
g.       Any sign nailed, fastened, affixed to, hanging from, or painted on any tree or  other vegetation, or part thereof (living or dead)
h.       Flashing signs
i.         Animated signs.
j.         Revolving or rotating signs.
k.        Signs which move, twirl or swing, including multi-prism and tri-vision signs.
I.        Electronic signs other than traffic control devices.
m.      Beacon lights.
n.       Wind signs.
o.       Pennant signs.
p.       Signs that obstruct, conceal, hide, or otherwise obscure from view any official       traffic or other government sign, signal, or device.
q.       Offsite/off-premises commercial signs.
r.        Any sign in or over the public right-of-way, other than government signs or  warning or safety signs.
s.        Pavement markings, except official traffic control-markings and street addresses applied by government agencies or pursuant to government laws or regulations.
t.        Signs attached to piers, docks, tie poles or seawalls, other than government signs, warning or safety signs or signs otherwise required by local, state or federal law.
u.       Signs in or upon any river, bay, lake, or other body of water within the limits of    the City, other than government signs, warning or safety signs or signs otherwise required by local, state or federal law.
v.        Portable signs.
w.       Roof signs.
x.        Umbrella signs.
y.        Projecting signs, other than projecting signs as allowed within the Downtown    Core "DC" zoning district and commercial zoning districts, pursuant to this article.
z.        Any sign which is designed to approximate, mimic or emulate an official government sign, including unofficial "stop" signs posted on or above any street or right-of-way, or within fifty feet thereof.
aa.      Any sign prohibited by state or federal law.
bb.      Signs that emit sound, vapor, smoke, odor, particles, flame or gas with the exception that signs emitting audible sound erected to accomplish compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act shall be authorized.
cc.      Signs that contain any food or other substance that attracts large numbers of  birds or other animals and causes them to congregate on or near the sign.
dd.      Signs that are not effectively shielded as to prevent beams or rays of light from  being directed at any portion of the traveled public rights of ­way thereby creating a potential traffic or pedestrian hazard or a nuisance to inhabitants of an adjacent  neighborhood. No sign shall be so illuminated that it interferes with the effectiveness of, or obscures an official traffic sign, device, or signal.
ee.      Commercial Mascots and Commercial Message signs that are carried, waved or  otherwise displayed by persons either on public rights-of-way or in a manner visible from public rights-of-way. This provision is directed toward such displays intended to draw attention for a commercial purpose, and is not intended to limit the display of placards, banners, flags or other signage by persons participating in demonstrations, political rallies, or otherwise exercising their valid First Amendment rights.
ff.       Vehicle signs visible from a street or right-of-way within one hundred (100) feet of the vehicle and where the vehicle is parked for more than two (2) consecutive hours in any twenty-four (24) hour period within one hundred (100) feet of said street or right of way.
gg.      Mobile Billboard Advertising and trailer signs.
hh.      Any sign located on real property without the permission of its owner.
ii.        Any feather or flutter sign.
jj.        Obscene signs that meet the definition of obscenity under Florida Statutes §    847.001 et seq., as amended.
kk.      Marquee signs.
ll.        Projected light signs.
mm.    Inflatable or balloon signs.