With the exception of limited re-openings of the Highlander Pool, and the Fitness Center on May 26, City buildings are closed to the public.  Get COVID-19 Updates Here.

 UPDATE 4/14/2020

The architectural firm of Harvard Jolly was instructed to make minor refinements to the Commission-selected Wave design for Dunedin’s new, City Hall.  See the latest Wave design and accompanying floor plans.  Each Commissioner has reviewed these revisions with the architect and staff and is comfortable with moving forward at this time.  These changes will be incorporated into the upcoming Design Development phase of the project.  

In the near future, when social distancing restrictions are lifted, the latest designs will come before the Commission in a live, in-person public meeting so that public input can be received.  In the meantime, if you have any thoughts you would like to share with the Commission or City Administration we welcome your input.

*UPDATE 3/5/2020

After months of discussion and whittling down seven design options to a final three, commissioners finally agreed on a “wave” roof design for the look of the new complex on Wood Street and Louden Avenue.

During the Feb. 20 meeting, after more deliberation, commissioners decided on a design that features a curved wave-shaped roof that extends onto an overhead main entrance canopy supported by pillars. The entire complex, which will be home to various city departments and City Commission chambers, will be designed with large windows to allow the most natural light to enter the facility.  

*UPDATE 2/10/2020

At the February 6, regular Commission meeting 3 images and massing diagrams of the schematic design options were presented for consideration.


At the November 4, 2019 Special Workshop it was decided to refine Options 2, 3 and 7 and return with massing diagrams and images of both the garage and the City Hall structure from all vantage points.

The firm of Harvard Jolly, Architects of St. Petersburg, Florida has been hired to design the City’s new City Hall and parking garage.  This building will eventually replace three (3) existing structures; Municipal Services, Technical Services and City Hall which have exceeded you useful life.  The project site is City-owned property at 750 Milwaukee Avenue/737 Louden Avenue, referred to as the east parcel, and  500 Wood Street, referred to as the west parcel.  The City Commission chose, under Phase I, the east parcel for placement of the new City Hall and the west parcel for the new parking garage.  They also approved creation of two (2) outparcels on the 500 Wood Street parcel.  One outparcel is proposed for townhome development to serve as a parking garage buffer to the residential neighborhood to the south.  The second outparcel, which will front Highland Avenue, is being reserved for retail development.  Sale proceeds from the two outparcels will be used to help defray project costs.

The Commission will conduct a workshop in March to discuss the garage and the City’s downtown parking needs.

The new City Hall is estimated to contain approximately 39,000 sq. ft. of programming space and will be comprised of a two-story administrative wing and a single-story Commission Chamber.  Frequently accessed public services will be obtained from a One-Stop Shop off the main lobby.  A public art component will be featured in the design.  The building will include solar power and a standby emergency generator, be water and energy-efficient, constructed from renewable materials, and be consistent with the City’s EPIC! Goal of environmental sustainability.  The building will have an estimated lifespan of 75 - 100-years. 

Next up, the City Commission will be selecting the preferred schematic design option for the new City Hall at their regularly-scheduled meeting of February 20, 2020 at City Hall.  The meeting starts at 6:00 PM.