Safety Education

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Dunedin Fire Rescue
Public Education Department

The primary goal of our life safety education effort is to reduce the incidence of fire and unintentional injuries by heightening the life safety awareness of our citizens.Our programs target audiences from pre-kindergarten to senior citizens, teaching lifestyle changes that can help prevent fires and unintentional injuries. By providing information necessary to recognize hazardous conditions you can take appropriate action before hazardous conditions result in a fire or injury.


Although the Dunedin Fire Department does not currently install car seats, here is a list of seat inspection locations where certified technicians can provide guidance on proper child restraint use and installation.



All Children’s Specialty Care of Tampa              813-436-5911



Clearwater Police Department                         727-562-4142


East Lake Fire                                               727-784-8668


Lealman Fire Rescue District                            727-526-5650


Oldsmar Fire Rescue                                       813-749-1200


Palm Harbor Fire Rescue                                 727-784-0454


Pinellas Park Fire Department                          727-541-0713


Sunstar EMS (Largo & St. Petersburg area)       727-582-2056


Tarpon Springs Fire Rescue                             727-938-3737




All Children’s Specialty Care of Pasco                800-756-7233 (ext. 2)



*All locations by appointment only!*


Things to Remember:


ü  Provide the age & weight for each child under 8 when scheduling the appointment.


ü  It is recommended that you bring the child with you using the child’s current car



ü  Allow at least 20 – 30 minutes for each car seat to be checked.


ü  Bring the vehicle’s owner’s manual to the appointment.


ü  Bring the child restraint instructions to the appointment.



Attention Parents & Guardians!


Do you need a car seat for your child and cannot afford to purchase one at retail prices?

Do you have a car seat for your child, but are not sure how to install it properly in your vehicle?

If YES to one or both of these questions, then this class is for you!


This informative and interactive class is designed to show you how to use and properly install your child’s car seat in your vehicle. If you are unable to purchase a car seat for your child at retail prices, convertible seats (for children birth to 4 years) are $20 and booster seats (for children 4 years to approximately 8 to 10 years old) are $10.





A nationally certified child passenger safety technician teaches all classes and will also assist you as you install your car seat in your vehicle.


Classes are offered during the month at various times throughout Pinellas County, including: morning, afternoon, evening and Saturday.


This class is for parents or guardians, however, the information is for everyone responsible for transporting your child, so please invite them to attend the class with you. You will be glad you did!


For more information: Car Seat Program




The second largest number of accidental injuries occur to teenagers, primarily males. Often the victim has been drinking alcohol and has dove into the pool in an area too shallow for diving, or from a location not intended for diving (like the roof of the house). Many of those who "drink and dive" end up in a wheelchair, if they're lucky.

Alcohol and spas are also a potentially lethal combination; the hot water and the alcohol combine to cause individuals to fall asleep and drown in only three feet of water.Other hazards exist from standing water on top of solid pool covers.

Small children and animals can drown in as little as a few inches of water. Cover pumps are available and must be used, or switch to a mesh type safety cover. Solar blankets or solid covers must be completely removed before entering the water.

Entrapment by the suction of a single main drain on long hair or small arms and legs has been the cause of drowning in the past. New standards require double main drains or a safety switch to prevent this.


Do you have an old fire extinguisher that you don't know what to do with? You can find disposal/recycling information by clicking here: Fire Extinguisher Disposal


Lightning Safety