With the exception of limited re-openings of the Highlander Pool Fitness Center, the Library and Playgrounds, City buildings are closed to the public.  Phase 2 Updates .

Fire Administration

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Dunedin Fire Department

Fire Administration

1042 Virginia Street

Dunedin, FL 34698

Fire Chief Jeff Parks


To promote fire and health safety preparedness through prevention and educational activities that will enhance the quality of life for all citizens and when needed, make a rapid response to control and eliminate the emergency situation.


The operations of the Dunedin Fire Department is composed of three shifts, each containing 16 people: 1 District Chief, 4 personnel assigned to Engine 60, 4 assigned to Engine 61, 4 assigned to Engine 62 and 3 personnel assigned to Truck 60. They work a 24-hour shift. There are three different shifts, which means that one-third of the department is on duty and two-thirds are off duty at any one time. Dunedin Fire Department operates three fire stations.
Active 911 calls in Pinellas County can be viewed here: Pinellas County Public Safety Services.

Fire Prevention

The duties of the Fire Prevention Division are twofold: The prevention of fires and unintentional injuries and, to provide quality life safety education to the public.
The Fire Prevention Division consists of a Fire Marshal and two State of Florida certified Fire Inspectors.
The Fire Prevention Division mission is to perform timely commercial fire inspections ensuring Life Safety Code Compliance, conduct professional arson and explosive investigations and provide quality life safety education programs to the citizens of Dunedin.
Many in the general public do not fully realize the constant danger that fire represents to the community. With an ever-increasing population, the construction of larger and more closely spaced residential buildings, the complexities in systems and processes in commercial buildings, and the crime of arson, the Fire Prevention Division mission of ensuring the life-safety of our citizens and visitors has become a complex task combining fire science, forensic science, code enforcement, arson and explosive investigation and community awareness education and preparation.

Life Safety Education

The primary goal of our life safety education effort is to reduce the incidence of fire and unintentional injuries by heightening the life safety awareness of our citizens. Our programs target audiences from pre-kindergarten to senior citizens teaching lifestyle changes that can help prevent fires and unintentional injuries by providing them with the information necessary to recognize hazardous conditions and take appropriate action before hazardous conditions result in a fire or injury.

Our Life Safety Education Program offerings include:

  • Home Safety Program - Fire safety for the home, as well as, water and pool safety at the home. At the homeowner's request, an inspection can be made of their residence, with recommendations and suggestions being given, to provide a more "fire and injury" safe home.
  • Business Safety - Informative talks with business owners and their employees.
  • School Safety Programs - We teach fire safety with programs such as STOP, DROP & ROLL, Crawl Low in Smoke.
  • Adult Programs - We have programs targeted for the elderly citizens such as; fire extinguishers, fire safety for the elderly and smoke detector use.
  • Hurricane and Tornado Preparedness - Information provided in a variety of ways to emphasize what to do "before, during and after" a major storm.
  • CPR Classes - At this time we do NOT offer CPR Classes to the public. Please call American Heart Association (727-563-8013) or the Suncoast Safety Council (727-442-5121) for available classes and locations.
  • Car Seat Installation - At this time we do NOT offer this service. Please click on the following link for a list of various locations with certified technicians able to assist you: Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital.
  • Safe Haven - You can leave your baby, up to 7 days old, with an employee at any hospital, emergency medical services station or with a firefighter at any fire station in Florida. For more information on the National Safe Haven Alliance and the Florida Safe Haven Law, please click on this link: National Safe Haven Alliance.


Disaster Preparedness

The Dunedin Fire Department also provides disaster preparedness services to our Fire District. This involves planning and organizing the emergency response to any natural or man-made disaster. The Fire Department becomes one of the lead agencies during any disaster situation.
Disaster Preparedness programs include:
  • Special Needs Evacuation Registration - This program is for anyone within an evacuation zone or in a mobile home park, who needs assistance to evacuate to a public shelter, nursing home or hospital.
  • Disaster Mitigation - Information is available for homeowners and businesses advising them on how to lessen the impact of a disaster before it occurs. Hurricane preparation and other types of disasters are covered including Disaster Recovery following an event.
  • Mapping - Maps are available showing evacuation zones, evacuation shelters, and routes out of the City of Dunedin and Pinellas County.