Downtown Waterfront Illustrative Corridor Plan

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When the City updated its Downtown CRA Master Plan 2033 in 2010, one of the most obvious implementation strategies was to undertake a separate planning process focused on achieving greater connectivity between the Waterfront and the existing Downtown core at Main Street.  The City requested assistance from Wade Trim, its CRA Downtown Master Plan 2033 Consultant, to study this area working closely with a host of stakeholders with the goal of identifying specific improvements and strategies to achieve greater physical and functional connectivity between the two areas. 

Our Downtown/Waterfront Illustrative Corridor Plan was approved by the City Commission and Pinellas County Board of Commissioners as an Appendix to the CRA Downtown Master Plan 2033.

Due to the large size of the files, the Plan is broken up into the following sections:

Waterfront Plan 1    Cover, Table of Contents, Background, Planning Process, Objectives & Recommendations

Waterfront Plan 2    Plan Recommendations, Other Considerations, & Estimated Costs of Capital Improvements

Waterfront Plan 3a    Appendix A

Waterfront Plan 3b    Appendix A

Waterfront Plan 3c    Appendix A

Waterfront Plan 3d    Appendix A

Waterfront Plan 4    Appendix B & C

Waterfront Plan 5    Appendix D