CRA Downtown Master Plan Update 2033

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In May 1988, the City of Dunedin adopted a resolution creating the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) and established the District comprised of 217 acres and approximately 550 parcels.  In December 1988, the City finalized its first CRA plan, "Guideways to Downtown's Future".  Since then, the City has enjoyed tremendous success in implementing the strategies and capital projects described in the 1988 plan.  As a result Downtown Dunedin has become a prime end destination for residents and tourists locally and internationally.

With our success, after more than two decades, the City recognized the need to update the CRA Master Plan and take its quaint downtown "to the next level" as a result of new opportunities and changes.  With the assistance of an outside consultant, Wade-Trim, the City initiated its first major update to the 1988 plan.

Ten primary goals for the CRA and associated projects/action items were developed, which included:

1.  Maintain and expand financing mechanisms to fund CRA projects and activities.

2.  Maintain the "coastal small town" character ensuring predictable development patterns.

3.  Leverage the marina/waterfront as a Downtown asset.

4.  Capitalize on strategic Downtown vacant developable parcels to foster economic development.

5.  Continue to enhance walkability, the public realm, and recreational spaces.

6.  Continue to improve transportation, parking, and infrastructure needed to support future development.

7.  Continue to offer Downtown redevelopment assistance.

8.  Expand marking and promotion efforts to capitalize on business opportunities and tourism.

9.  Continue making Downtown the "end destination" for locals and visitors by supporting community events, the arts, and historical heritage.

10. Contribute to the City's green initiative.

The updated plan includes a Capital Improvement and Implementation Program for the period 2010-2033 with projects and activities totaling approximately $28.1 million.

The CRA Master Plan 2033 was approved by Ordinance 10-22 by the Dunedin City Commission.  This plan was approved and passed on January 6, 2011.  This plan fulfills the statutory and County requirements regarding the contents of the Plan from existing and future land use to the neighborhood housing and relocation impacts, and is consistent with the Pinellas County Comprehensive Plan.

Along with approval of the CRA Master Plan at the May 22, 2012 Board of Pinellas County Commissioners meeting, the Tax Increment Financing of the CRA District was also extended.

Please follow the this link, CRA Master Plan to review the City of Dunedin's CRA Master Plan Update 2033.  Note:  This is a very large document and may take a few minutes to upload (and will need Adobe Acrobat Viewer).