CRA Advisory Committee

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The CRA Advisory Committee was originally created as the CRA Advisory Board by motion at the regular meeting of the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) on November 17, 1988.  By CRA Resolution No. 90-1, the Board was formally established by the CRA on January 13, 1990, with the Board's participation consisting of thirteen members.

The CRA Advisory Board was re-established by Resolution 92-1 at the February 13, 1992 CRA meeting. This was accomplished, in name, by changing the CRA Advisory Board to the CRA Advisory Committee.

In 1999, through CRA Resolution 99-1, the CRA Advisory Committee was modified to consist of nine members. The purpose of the Board is to provide the Agency and its administration opinions, recommendations, and action programs relevant to all CRA District redevelopment and revitalization issues.

In August 2011, CRA Resolution 11-03 was adopted, adding two additional members to the Committee and changing the quorum to five. These two additional members were added to the Committee must be residents who live withing the boundaries of the CRA District (or abutting to) but do not own a business or commercial property within the CRA District. These additional members were added to give input and a perspective of activities in the downtown area from a resident point of view.

The Committee meets at least once per quarter and reports to the Community Redevelopment Agency on its activities.  The Committee is supported by the CRA Director, CRA Administrator, and CRA Special Projects Coordinator. The CRA Advisory Committee members are: Chair John Freeborn, Vice-Chair Wendy Barmore, Secretary Ralph Shenefelt, Gregory Brady, Patti Coleman, Robert Henion, Jim Graham, Rene' Johnson, Sylvia Tzekas, Terry Zervos and David Wolters.  The Committee also has ex-officio members from the Chamber of Commerce (Pam Pravetz), Public Relations Advisory Action Committee (Monty Seidler), Marina Advisory Committee (Walt Wickman), and the Arts & Culture Advisory Commigttee (Jackie Nigro).  


All meetings are open to the public!  The CRA Advisory Committee meets on the first Wednesday in the Planning Conference Room, 737 Louden Avenue, 2nd floor. Please check the City Government Calendar for times and updates to this schedule or call (727) 298-3600.