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Short-Term Rentals, Vacation Rentals and Transient Uses

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a short-term rental or transient use?  

Transient uses or short-term rentals are defined as the occupancy of a living unit of any type for a period of less than ninety (90) days or three (3) calendar months.  Vacation or short-term rentals, such as Airbnb, VRBO and the like are considered transient uses if the rental period is less than ninety (90) days or three (3) calendar months.

Where are short-term rentals or transient uses allowed? 

In Dunedin, transient uses or short-term rentals are only allowed in certain zoning districts.  Zoning categories which specifically allow some type of tourist, transient use, or short-term rentals are as follows:

TF (Tourist Facility)
GO (General Office)
NB (Neighborhood Business)
GB (General Business)
CP (Commercial Parkway)
CR (Commercial Recreation)
DC (Downtown Core)
DR (Downtown Residential), Bed and Breakfast Inn Only (Must be Owner-Occupied) 
FX-M (Form-based Medium)
FX-H (Form-based High)
LI (Light Industrial)
MF (Multi-Family), Bed and Breakfast Inn Only by Conditional Use Permit from the Board of Adjustment and Appeal (Must be Owner-Occupied)

Where are short-term rentals or transient uses prohibited?

Transient uses or short-term rentals are prohibited in all other zoning districts except those listed above.

Why are short-term rentals or transient uses prohibited in residential zoning districts?

The intent of each residential zoning district in the City of Dunedin is to protect and preserve the integrity and value of existing stable residential neighborhoods. Conflict occurs when transient uses, tourist oriented uses or commercial uses operate within residential neighborhoods or zoning districts that do not specifically allow for such tourist or transient uses. The health, safety and welfare of residents and owners in residential zoning districts may be detrimentally affected by short-term rentals. Short-term rentals are a commercial use. Short-term rentals are a tourist oriented business enterprise that is inconsistent with a residential neighborhood and there exists in the city adequate opportunity for businesses investing in short-term rentals or tourist-based activities within the appropriate zoning districts within the city.

How do I learn more about short-term rentals or transient uses?

You can read the City's code of ordinances online.  Dunedin's ordinance regarding Transient Uses is found in Section 103-14 and the ordinance regarding Short Term Vacation Rentals is found in Section 103-14.7 of the Land Development Code.

How do I apply for a registration to operate a short-term vacation rental in Dunedin?

Please complete the Short Term Vacation Rental Application for Registration.

How do I apply for a Conditional Use Permit to operate a Bed and Breakfast Inn?

If you meet the criteria and are zoned in an area that allows a Bed and Breakfast Inn with a Conditional Use Permit approval, please download and complete an Application for Conditional Use Permit.

How does the City identify short-term vacation rentals operating within the city limits? 

The City has contracted with Host Compliance, LLC to assist in identifying advertised short-term rentals.  After verifying zoning categories, we are sending notices of violation to those property owners in prohibited zones to cease advertising immediately, and stop renting short-term to avoid further code enforcement action.

How do I find out if short-term rentals or transient uses are allowed at a specific property?

You can contact the Zoning Division at 727-298-3194.