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Historic Plaque Application

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Preserving Dunedin’s Character
If your property is a historic structure, you are invited to help us preserve Dunedin’s character by applying for a local historic landmark designation – and when approved, by displaying the Dunedin Historic Landmark Plaque on your property.

Historic Preservation Ordinance
On October 4, 2018, in the interest of the health, prosperity, safety, welfare, and economic well-being of the City's residents and property owners, the City Commission adopted Chapter 111 of the Land Development Code; a historic preservation provision that encompasses the preservation, protection, perpetuation and use of historic landmarks in the City.  In addition to helping safeguard its heritage, the City of Dunedin allows certain tax exemptions to encourage the restoration, renovation or rehabilitation of a qualifying property.

Applying for Designation as a Historic Landmark

  1. Consideration for designation as a historic landmark is initiated by filing an application. Applications may be filed by a property owner, the Dunedin Historic Preservation Committee, the City Commission, the City Manager or the staff of the Dunedin History Museum.  There is a $100.00 application fee (waived through 12/31/19).
  2. The application requires that structure be at least 50 years old. The application includes a list of criteria for designation, a written description of the proposed landmark and supporting evidence.
  3. When a complete application has been submitted and reviewed, the City Commission (serving in its capacity as the Dunedin Historic Preservation Commission in a public hearing) recommends designation of the property as a historic landmark.
  4. Once designated, the property and the structure located upon it are subject to the requirements and benefits for historic landmarks as set forth in Chapter 111.
  5. The designation conferred runs with the property.

Application for Designation of Historic Landmark

City of Dunedin Historic Landmark Plaque
The City of Dunedin Historic Landmark Plaque identifies those buildings, structures, or sites of either historical or architectural significance approved by the Dunedin Historic Preservation Commission that illustrate our history and help to educate the public about that significance. The Secondary purpose is to encourage the restoration and maintenance of other potential historic landmarks.

  • Once a property is officially designated, a historic landmark plaque and certificate are presented to the property owner and the resolution recorded.
  • Names given to a home are usually its original resident or the person or persons who lived there the longest. In the case of a building, the name given is typically its original purpose. There is no charge for the Historic Landmark Plaque.
  • The property owner is responsible for the installation of the plaque in a location visible from the street. The plaques must be attached to the landmark in such a way as to not cause irreversible damage to it.

Sample Historic Landmark Plaque

Only the Historic Landmark Plaque designed and produced by the City may be displayed on a property designed by the City as a historic landmark. The City of Dunedin retains ownership of the Historic Landmark Plaque.*

*If the property is altered or changed in a manner which diminishes its historical or architectural integrity or otherwise violates the provisions of historic preservation ordinance of the Land Development Code the Plaque will revert to the City.