With the exception of limited re-openings of the Highlander Pool Fitness Center, the Library and Playgrounds, City buildings are closed to the public.  Phase 2 Updates .

Design Review Process

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Dunedin's Design Review Process consists of public hearings before the Local Planning Agency and City Commission. Development projects meeting any one of the following criteria must complete the Design Review Process prior to submitting for infrastructure review or building permits:

• Any commercial or institutional project greater than or equal to six thousand (6,000) square feet located in the following zoning districts:
1. Tourist Facility “TF”
2. Downtown Core “DC”
3. Form-based Medium “FX-M”
4. Form-based High “FX-H”

• Any residential construction project consisting of five (5) or more units. 

Please click this link to download the Design Review Process:  Design Review App Process

A Design Review begins with a Development Review Committee (DRC) Meeting. 
Prior to the submission of any formal application, is for the owner or authorized agent to contact Project Coordinator Lael Giebel at 727-298-2755, to schedule an time to attend a Development Review Committee (DRC) meeting in order to become familiar with the requirements of the regulations of this chapter, the city's comprehensive plan, and other applicable requirements and regulations affecting the project which requires the design review process.

Preliminary Architectural Review Committee (ARC) Meeting.

Design Review Application Submittal -
Per the above Design Review App Process, the applicant should submit the appropriate plans (as listed on the application found below) to Business Manager Joan McHale, 727-298-3198. The application includes a site plan, architectural renderings, greenspace plan, survey, sustainability matrix, and proof of ownership; a traffic impact analysis is also required for projects within one-half mile of an “F” rated roadway, and a Neighborhood Participation Plan is required for any commercial project abutting any residentially-zoned property.   You can download the form and Applicant Acknowledgment here:  Application for Design Review Approval.  There is a link to the Sustainability Matrix on this application.

Following staff review, the below steps need to be taken prior to the public hearings:

  • Architectural Review Committee (ARC) meeting
  • Applicant Notification
  • Schedule Dates of Public Hearings
  • Letter of Notice / Certificate of Mailing
  • Advertisement in local newspaper
  • Posting of property
  • Staff report on City website
  • Local Planning Agency hearing
  • 2 City Commission public hearings

At the Local Planning Agency (LPA) hearing, the board will recommend approval, approval with conditions, or denial to the City Commission. The second public hearing will be at a regularly scheduled meeting of the City Commission. The City Commission will approve, approve with conditions, or deny the application. If the application is approved with or without conditions and no changes are required, the city commission may waive the third public hearing at their discretion.

Example of Complete Submittal