With the exception of limited re-openings of the Highlander Pool Fitness Center, the Library and Playgrounds, City buildings are closed to the public.  Phase 2 Updates .

Top Code Violations

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Listed below are the top code violations in the City of Dunedin:

Yard Parking

Parking in the required front yard setback is permitted for passenger cars and motorcycles on residential lots only on a legal driveway or in a garage.  A driveway or parking are must be constructed with approved parking surfaces.  There are limits to the amount of yard area that can be used for a driveway or parking.

Yard Maintenance

Yard maintenance standards are the responsibility of every property owner and include the maintenance of plant material in any right-of-way around the property.  Grass cannot exceed 10 inches in height.  All vegetation must be kept in a neat and orderly condition.

Junk, Rubbish & Outdoor Storage

Junk and rubbish cannot be left in the yard and must be properly disposed of.  This includes junk auto party, appliances, furniture, building materials and tires; trash such as discarded paper, cardboard, plastics, and debris such as tree trimmings and fallen limbs.  Outdoor storage is prohibited.  Generally, any equipment, materials, or furnishings that would ordinarily not be used outdoors may not be stored outdoors.  For example, you may not keep indoor furniture, household appliances, auto parts, or building materials outside.  You may store a barbeque grill and lawn furniture outside in an orderly fashion.

Inoperative Motor Vehicles

Inoperative motor vehicles cannot be stored except in a fully enclosed structure that was constructed with a permit.  An inoperative vehicle is a vehicle that does not display a current license tag and/or is not equipped with all parts that are required to legally and safely operate on public streets and/or cannot be driven under its own power,


Paint or other water resistant treatment is required on the exterior of structures.  Approved exterior siding or brick that is well maintained and water resistant will also meet the code.  Any repairs to the exterior of a structure must be made with materials that match the balance of the structure.  Therefore, siding or brick must be repaired using similar siding or brick.  When damaged wood is repaired, the replacement wood must be painted the same as the surrounding wood.

Condition of Structures

The maintenance of a structure is the responsibility of the property owner.  Any wood, siding, shingles, roof covering, railings, fences, walls, ceilings, porches, doors, windows and screens, and other exterior parts of a structure must be maintained in weather tight, rodent proof, sound condition and good repair.  The property owner is responsible for maintaining secure windows, doors or other openings that cannot be readily opened from the outside.  An owner may need to board up a vacant structure if a break-in occurs.  Security boards must be made of exterior grade plywood painted in a neutral color that blends inconspicuously with the exterior colors of the building.  Pools must be maintained in a safe and sanitary condition.

Recreational Equipment

Recreational equipment includes motor homes, boats and campers.  Not permitted in front of the structure except from Fridays 8:00 pm to Mondays 6:00 am, and only on a permitted surface.  They can be parked on the side of the house if screened behind a 6' solid fence.  No utility trailers are allowed in front of the house.

Commercial Equipment

Commercial equipment and commercial vehicles may not be parked in a residential area unless they are within a fully-enclosed structure that was constructed with a permit. 

Unpermitted Work

If unpermitted work is discovered on your property, the penalty for obtaining an after-the-fact permit will be four times (4x) the normal fees per City Code.

Short Term Rentals

Renting your property comes with restrictions based on your Zoning.  If you are unsure of your Zoning designation, please contact Lucy Fuller, Sr. Zoning Technician at and give her your address, or the address of the property you are interested in purchasing as a rental property.   Depending upon the Zone, you may only be permitted to rent 90 days and over.