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Sandwich Board Signs

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Sandwich Board Signs

105-  The City’s approach is to return sandwich board signs to their intended purpose of advertising a sale, a menu, or a drink special versus acting as an extension of the businesses’ wall signage. 

          a.       The placement of sandwich board signs by the owners or lessees of properties may be allowed on any commercial property.

          b.       One sandwich board sign shall be allowed on each street frontage per retail or restaurant use.

          c.        Sandwich board signs shall be freestanding and movable.  They may be single-sided or double-sided.  They shall be removed during inclement weather and high winds.

          d.       Sandwich board signs shall not exceed an overall height of 42 inches above ground level or an overall width of 30 inches.

          e.       Sandwich board signs shall be composed of chalkboard-type material capable of being written on with chalk.  They shall be taken inside at the end of each business day.


Example of Acceptable Chalk Sandwich Board

          f.        Pursuant to Sections 105-29.1.3(r) and 105-29.3.4(c), sandwich board signs are prohibited on all public sidewalks or walkways.  Due to the unique nature of the downtown core district, including parking limitations, business density, and pedestrian-intensive customer flow, a business is authorized to place a sandwich board sign, otherwise compliant with this section, on a public sidewalk or walkway directly in front of the business.  All such sandwich board signs placed upon public sidewalks, shall allow for an unobstructed path of travel for pedestrians of five (5) feet at all times.  In no circumstances are sandwich board signs authorized on public sidewalks or walkways outside of the downtown core district.

          g.       Any sandwich board sign licensed by the City to be located in the public right of way within the downtown core district may be required to be removed with no right of compensation for such removal, the continuation of such licensed usage to be entirely within the discretion of the City, and such removal shall be completed within one (1) day of the notice of the required removal of any such sign.

          h.       No sandwich board sign may be lit either internally or externally.

          i.         Any sandwich board sign which encroaches upon pedestrian or vehicular  movement or safety or interferes with the lawful use of the public right of way or violates the Florida Building Code or any state or local fire or security code shall be prohibited and removed or relocated.

          j.         Sandwich board signs shall be readable, properly maintained, and kept in good working condition.