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Election Signs

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Election signs are included in the City's Sign Code under Temporary Signage (See Tab Under Sign Code).

Basic Facts:

1.  When

Temporary election signs shall not be erected for more than 100 days prior to the event (election) being advertised on the temporary sign begins, and they shall be removed promptly at the event’s conclusion. 

2.  Where

Residential zones:  Each parcel may display up to four temporary signs which shall not exceed four (4) square feet in sign area, and four (4) feet in height for residential properties.

Non-residential zones: Each parcel may display one temporary sign which shall not exceed twenty-four (24) square feet in sign area and six (6) feet in height.  Alternatively, each parcel in a non-residential zone may display up to eight (8) temporary signs, which cumulatively shall not exceed twenty-four (24) square feet in sign area and four (4) feet in height.

All election signage must follow the provisions of Land Development Code Section 105-29.  In this Section, you can fine helpful information on:

  • Definitions
  • Prohibited signs
  • General sign provisions
  • Temporary sign installation and removal