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Sign Code

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Ordinance 18-25 was adopted by City Commission on September 20, 2018.  You can view the City's Sign Regulations online at Section 105-29 of the Land Development Code.

The main purpose for adopting Ordinance 18-25:

  • To delete sections which were obsolete or superfluous, and/or which have not been enforced, and/or which are not enforceable.  
  • To ensure that the Land Development Code as it relates to signs is in compliance with all constitutional and other legal requirements.
  • The purpose, intent and scope of its signage standards and regulations should be detailed to as to further describe the beneficial aesthetic and other effects of the City’s sign standards and regulation, and to reaffirm that the sign standards and regulations are concerned with the secondary effects of speech and are not designed to censor speech or regulate the viewpoint of the speaker.
  • Limitations on size (area), height, number, spacing and setback of signs is based upon the sign type.
  • Limitations on various types of signs are related to the zoning districts for the parcels and properties on which they are located.
  • Various signs that serve as signage for particular land uses, such as drive-thru lanes for businesses, are based upon content-neutral criteria in recognition of the functions served by those land uses.
  • To take into account the City’s zoning districts when determining the appropriate nature of certain sign types.
  • Sign standards and regulations adopted still allow adequate alternative means of communications.
  • Sign standards relating to aesthetics, compatibility with surroundings, appropriateness for zoning districts, size and amount of signage, and signs conflicting with principal permitted use of the site or adjoining sites.
  • Sign standards relating to visual obstruction of motorists, bicyclists, pedestrians.
  • Sign standards relating to safety of construction, installation and maintenance.
  • Sign standards relating to preservation and enhancement of natural and scenic characteristics of our community.