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Code of Core Values for Civility and Ethics

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City of Dunedin
Code of Core Values for Civility and Ethics


The Dunedin City Commission has adopted a Code of Core Values for Civility and Ethics for members of the City Commission, Boards and Committees to assure public confidence in the integrity of local government and its effective and fair operation.

It is the policy of the City of Dunedin to uphold, promote and demand the highest standards of civility and ethics from all of its officials, whether elected or appointed. Accordingly, members of the City Commission, Boards and Committees should maintain the utmost standards of personal integrity,
truthfulness, honesty, civility and fairness in carrying out their public duties, avoid any improprieties in their roles as public servants, and never use their City position or powers for improper personal gain.(F.S. 112.311/City Code Sec. 2-93).


The Code of Core Values for Civility and Ethics is intended to be self-enforcing. It therefore becomes most effective when members are thoroughly familiar with it and embrace its provisions.
For this reason, the Core Values of Civility and Ethical standards shall be included in the regular orientations for the City Commission, Boards and Committees.

Code of Core Values for Civility and Ethics:

I shall make no promises or commitments I cannot reasonably expect to fulfill, and I shall maintain appropriate social, ethical, and organizational norms in City related activities.

I pledge to maintain the highest standards of professional behavior and to comply with the laws, regulations, and policies under which we operate.

I pledge to help create an atmosphere of respect and civility where individual Commissioners, City Manager, department heads, staff, committee and board members, and the public are free to express their

ideas and work to their full potential.

Respect for the Individual
I respect the diversity of Commissioners, staff, committee members, and citizens, to provide fair and equitable
treatment in all areas, and to encourage personal and professional growth.

I pledge to be open, consistent, truthful, and respectful in all communications, written and verbal, as this is vital for reflective and sound decision making for the Dunedin community.

I shall work together with others, with mutual respect, to achieve organizational goals, recognizing that unity of purpose and effort leads to increased productivity and greater accomplishments.

I shall lead by example, using appropriate interpersonal skills, and shall strive to maximize citizen and staff involvement to further the vision of Dunedin's quality community.

Creativity and Innovation
I shall strive to stimulate and appreciate new concepts and solutions suggested by all, as Dunedin's creative community is enriched.

I shall strive for excellence in every phase of our work.

I shall strive to make a positive contribution to our City and to enhance the quality of services throughout the Dunedin community.

I shall work to attain our goals by optimizing the use of ourenergy, time and resources.

Organizational Sensitivity
I shall consider the impact of all decisions on resources and to recognize the limitations imposed by our environment.

I shall respond efficiently and effectively to the needs of our citizens as well as to changes in our environment.

I shall recognize and value individual contributions to the Dunedin community, as the City's mission and vision are pursued.