Arts & Culture

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We're proud of our arts and culture community!

Dunedin is supportive of its artists and arts organizations.  With artist studios and galleries, the Dunedin Fine Arts Center, the Dunedin History Museum, the Dunedin Scottish Arts Foundation, among others, First Friday Artwalk and several arts and crafts shows each year, residents and visitors can discover and explore the arts all year round.  The Artistic Bike Rack and the Little Free Library programs also make every day in Dunedin a fascinating delight.  Walk around and be surprised!

Public Art Master Plan 

Adopted on December 6, 2018, the Dunedin Public Art Master Plan is a comprehensive vision for public art that reflects the community and defines guidelines for City investment. This Plan provides the goals and guidelines for the City of Dunedin to encourage the arts and cultural life of Dunedin to thrive and to further position the regional importance of Dunedin. Dunedin is the first city in Pinellas County to have adopted both a municipal and private development public art ordinance under its Plan joining other such innovative communities in the State of Florida and around the country.

Through the Public Art Program, the City of Dunedin's Arts and Culture Committee promotes artistic development and education, elevates the city through the inclusion of public art in its built environment, and provides open access to quality art and cultural experiences. The Arts & Culture Committee develops and administers the Public Art Collection, infusing art into both municipal and private development projects and public places, and ensures the inclusion of the city's residents and visitors in each endeavor.   

Dunedin Arts & Culture Mission Statement

To enrich the lives of our residents and visitors, to reinforce Dunedin's identity and civic pride through arts and culture, and to recognize the importance of arts to our quality of life and to the local economy. This is accomplished by consciously integrating arts and culture into the daily life of the people of Dunedin through purposeful public art, urban design, planning, economic development, and education. 

*Artwork by Mason Gehring