No Changes to Dunedin Potable Watering Schedules

Published on December 05, 2023

City Water Update.png

The Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) declared a “Modified Phase I Water Shortage” effective Dec. 1, 2023 for Pinellas, Hillsborough and Pasco counties to restrict watering with POTABLE/DRINKABLE (not RECLAIMED) Water to one day per week. This vote by the District came after the driest rainy season in Tampa Bay in more than two decades.

What does this mean for Dunedin residents? There is no change to our current potable/drinkable watering schedule. The City of Dunedin already has a one day per week schedule (potable water). The existing Tuesday/Friday schedule remains:

  • Addresses ending in an even number may water on Tuesdays only;
  • Addresses ending in an odd number or with no address may water only on Fridays.
  1. What days can I water?

There are different days for reclaimed water and potable (drinking water). Reclaimed water up to three times per week per the map for irrigation zones, days and times. Potable water users have been restricted to one day per week since1997. More info at:

  1. Is reclaimed water unavailable?

Due to the drought, reclaimed water demand is very high. The Wastewater treatment plant continues to produce and fill the tanks daily with  3 – 4 million gallons per day of treated effluent. The demand is higher due to the drought and refilling tanks with “excess” is very limited.