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City Commission and Board Meetings

Stormwater Advisory Committee

Stormwater Advisory Committee
Regular Meeting Draft Agenda
July 17, 2018 at 6:30pm
Water Plant Conference Room
1.) Call to order
2.) Approval of April 2018 minutes
3.) Draft Agenda Adoption
4.) Unfinished Business:
 Marina Anchorage
 Review of JEA Citizen Input Meeting
 Overview of USF CSPP Peril of Flood project
 Budget Update
 2018 Educational Campaigns
o Marina Anchorage Outreach
 Approach Windlasses
5.) Reports/updates:
6.) New Business:
 New member nomination
o Christopher McLaughlin
 Annual SAC Report
7.) Discussion on holding/cancelling any particular future meeting
8.) Next Agenda - development and suggestions
9.) Public Comment
10.) Additional Comments/Discussion
11.) Adjourn