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City Commission and Board Meetings

Public Safety Committee

• Call to Order/Start Time:
• Approval of January Minutes (Revision to November 16, 2017 minutes - Tom George’s name)
• Draft Agenda Adoption
• Reports
 City Of Dunedin Update (Fire Chief’s monthly report)
 PCSO Update (Dunedin Monthly Analysis)
 Committee Members Update / Comments
 Chairpersons Update / Comments
• Request from the City


 Chief Don Story Public Safety Award– February 22nd @ 6pm (Confirm presenters; Mike Nilsson / Trip Barrs, Kim Marston / Tim Anderson & Stacy Rush / Tom George. Verify verbiage on bio’s and awards so that both can be finalized for next week’s commission meeting/presentation)
 Causeway Bridge (vs Span) – Updates? Bob?
 Main Street / 580 Traffic Issues (Flow, Speed, Safety) – Bob to establish 3 person subcommittee
 Sidewalk on Virginia near Keene – Frank asked that this issue remain on agenda for further discussion
 Fire Agencies Combining Communications – Discuss w/Chief Parks
 City Manager, Jennifer Bramley, Visit - TBD

 Discuss Hurricane Season / EOC ( Mike to discuss
 Proposals for the 2018 Don Story Public Safety Seminar Series – Robert Ramer
 Seminar Series: Consumer Protection (Landlord Disputes) - SAO to Conduct (Stacy?)
 City Owned Easement behind Jacaranda Street – Stacy
• March Agenda
• Development / Suggestions
• Public Comment
• Committee Member Comments:
• Adjourn / End Time:

Next Meeting: Thursday, March 15th @ 10:00 am