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Survey/Form Review
Environmental Advocate Award
Purpose: The purpose of the environmental advocate program is to identify and recognize members of our community whose actions protect and conserve the natural environment and contribute to the sustainability of the City of Dunedin. The City wishes to recognize the importance of these actions in an effort to increase public awareness of the environmental issues that affect the City and showcase the positive contributions that members of the community have made to improve the health of our local environment. Eligible Applicants: Individual residents, groups of residents, businesses, homeowner associations, neighborhood associations, or volunteer groups within Dunedin can be nominated for the environmental advocate award. You may nominate yourself or someone else that you know. Ineligible Applicants: Current members of the Committee on Environmental Quality are not eligible to receive the environmental advocated award. Environmental activities must be outside of a nominee’s normal paid work duties. Ineligible Applications: Incomplete applications are considered ineligible and will not be reviewed. Environmental Advocate Selection: Nomination forms are reviewed by a subcommittee of the Committee on Environmental Quality composed of residents of the City of Dunedin. The subcommittee chooses the award winner based on the completed application. The winner is notified and recognized by City of Dunedin staff.
1. Nominee Name:

2. Address:

3. Phone Number:

4. Email:

5. Please give a brief description of how the nominee has advocated for the environment

6. Describe how this activity improves the City of Dunedin and its environment

7. How many people have been involved or impacted by this activity? Does this activity involve youth/senior citizens?

8. What was the inspiration for this activity?

9. Does the nominee volunteer or participate in City of Dunedin events? If yes, how?

10. How long has the nominee been interested in environmental issues (sustainability)?

If you any other information you would like to submit, including photos and additional pages that relate to this nomination, please submit them to the City's Sustainability Coordinator at
11. SUSTAINABLITY CHECKLIST Please tell us how you practice sustainable living in other areas of your life by completing the checklist below. The checklist will not qualify nor disqualify any applicant but it is used to gain a better understanding of the commitment of each applicant to environmental protection and preservation*
Applications must be received by 5:00pm on March 17, 2017.
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